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Setting up your Ads retargeting tag code

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Let me start showing you how to set up your Google AdWords retargeting this is what what you might see when you regularly log into your Google AdWords you might see something else but doesn't matter we're not concerned with it on the left side in this area here you see this link to shared library let's click that and I've already have it set up in your case what it's going to do is it's going to take you through a few steps where it's going to ask you for your website and it's going to ask you for a few things and then it's going to send you an email your email is going to look something like this this is the email that is going to look like and basically it's going to give you your tracking ID if you want to do remarketing for a mobile app but here we're not doing that we're doing it for our website and tagging your website is basically they give you this. The email you this code the email you this code that and you have to put this particular code in the homepage of your website and if it's depending on what how your website is made sometimes what you can do is just place it once somewhere where it was going to populate it into every page on your site and this has to go into the header to inside the header HTML header area of your website on every page of your website ideally if you have WordPress there is a way to set it so that you can set this code snippet into your your global header file so that it begins appearing in your every header of your every page but I'll show you how to do it freehand with your HTML as you can see this is the head tag and the head tag ends right here and this is my script that they sent me and I just pasted it here and that was it it doesn't change how your site functions it just basically that's something behind the scenes and once you have this you are going to be able to do the next steps in setting up your pages and I'll show you that in the next lecture.

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