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Creating seller accounts and uploading products to Amazon

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna give you a very brief introduction to uploading your products on Amazon now this is not a course about how to upload your product I'm gonna expect that you got to figure it out all you have to do is go through the forms it's very easy all I'm going to explain are the options for Amazon selling so here is what you do if you wanna sell products in go seller in here you get to read you can click here if you have an account fine login but here you register now and you go through the process start selling you're gonna get an option they're gonna give you an option here's what's important you're gonna have a professional like a business account and you're gonna have an individual account the business account charges you okay it's right here $39.99 and you don't want to have that so that's why you make a in the beginning you make a personal account in the personal account you were the one who ships the product you don't handles the logistics later shortly later if you want you can let Amazon handle the inventory all you have to do is let's say you have a hundred items of inventory or a thousand or even who knows maybe a ten thousand inventory items where are you gonna store that certainly not in your garage it's gonna waste you you know money to store that right so what you can do is use something called FBA fulfillment by Amazon which is essentially you ship to Amazon one time these thousand or 10,000 items that you have and when you have sales and it happened on Amazon you have to do nothing you do no shipping nothing and they fulfill they essentially ship the product for you they package it they ship it for you they even give give their shipping guarantee that they offer and they take care of that for you if so eventually you sign up for FBA but in the very beginning through this form you just basically sell through a basic individual account and you're ready to go the only thing I'll say is I believe you know 4d four categories they have slightly different requirements so I don't know what your category might be if you have in some categories they require you to have a school or UPC code or something like that that might cost a little bit of money to create but other than that if you're an individual account it won't cost you anything now also if you're selling books okay books you sell through something that they you don't sell the books through here the book if you have a book that you want to sell you sell the book through something that's called create spin. You can create your account here and this is owned by Amazon and through the create space you can run go through the form that they give you and you can upload create a book as long as you have your manuscript for the book you can upload your book that sells as a paperback on Amazon and you never have to print you never have to ship they do all that for you all you have to do is provide the manuscript and and promote and upload it through here and they can also help you sell it on the Kindle so that way your gonna be selling a paperback and the Kindle version from your book and this all can be set up from right here this website make an account go through all the forms and then you're up and running is so essentially you will have once you're done with all the forms that account creation forms the product uploading forms I I guarantee you it's annoyed forms are annoying and sometimes they're a little bit long but they're straightforward and you just go like next next you make you eventually make your way through the items and then guess what you are ready to sell so we really should be concerned about the product listing which is what we're really gonna care about because what we care about in this course is really it's a sales course so the sales is the main focus that we're gonna have.

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