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How To Respond To Customer Reviews On Amazon

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna show you a way to actually increase sales yep increase sales and improve your future reviews with one strategy which is very overlooked and I've never seen another author really follow through on this but if you do you will do better okay so look every commenter that you have commenting on your book look you can comment back you can write something so there's two things you can do you can reply to a good comment and you can reply to a bad comment here's how to reply to a bad comment now first of all the bad comment replies it's not just for the initial commenter it's for all the people who will come in the future for them to see it what do they want to see they want to see your professional you care you don't get angry and you are a good person okay and this is hard sometimes because if somebody wrote you a bad review on something you worked very hard on your impulses to get frustrated and angry or sad or depressed or have other other negative emotions but you can't show that so you have to always you know say that they still bought your book you appreciate their time and you sorry that your book didn't meet their expectations and you have to offer them now here's the thing here's how you reverse all this you have to explain them in very nice ways very cordial that actually the book does offer the value that they complain about because very likely in 80% of the cases. It's something that they didn't understand they misread something they read too quickly they didn't understand some point and then they're the ones complaining so very carefully you have to explain that no the book does cover that in fact the book covers that in detail and even goes above and beyond and so by the way so when somebody reads this review not only they see your professional and that you care and that you're present and that you answer because that actually does make a difference for people in their buying decision what another thing that helps is that you actually explain how your book is good this gives you an opportunity to explain another place to explain where your book is good and if they are reading this review if the next potential reviewers are reading this review they're gonna be like oh this book is good in another way the book is good and they that's gonna influence their pilot their decision positively also you can point out places in the book where they get a lot of value oh and that's kind of like you're literally writing to the people who aren't potentially getting the book next you are essentially telling them hey right here in the book you get a lot of value here's extra things you get in the book so that way actually this is more gonna instead of a tab and review the image in your sails. You can actually have that bad review helping you to increase your sales as much as possible of course it affects your star rating which is bad but still you can make the best of it and if you have a good review that somebody wrote you can still comment on it and you can say hey that's really great that you noticed some part of the book that is really what makes this book stand out and that's really what makes this book help people guess what that does next people who are reading this again they see you care they see your present and they see an extra point why your book is good so use this comment and I know it's time-consuming I myself rarely use it sorry a little bit hypocritical here but it does influence the reviews by the way I do use this just not on Amazon but I do get a chance in in other places I do comment very much and I do comment follow up on a lot of the negative reviewers just not on the positive ones because there's so many of them so do this and it will make you look good even better to your next potential buyers.

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