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Recruiting from aggregator websites

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Once you have your affiliate offer that's generous you can start posting it on different sites here I'll cover four different websites Amazon is very different from the others let me first explain Amazon and then I'll get into the others on Amazon is just a matter of being visible so you have to rank through your keywords for example I have a business planning book it ranks number one for business plan and so what affiliates look like oh some affiliates might go like I have a business planning website or business starting website I need to sell something for business planning they search on Amazon and - number one - they find that and like oh I'll solve that so sometimes it's already a matter of doing good business and Amazon and ranking your products on Amazon you just get a you just you just get affiliate to retail your products without even you knowing it to be honest because they just pick up stuff that they see on Amazon so for you your job is to name your product visible and ranking on high on Amazon for the other three it's you can post your full affiliate offers on them and when recruiter when affiliate resellers when regular affiliates look for products to sell all you have to do is just rank highly in your category of products. Now how do you rank highly I'll tell you it's all about generating already a already generating some some volume of sales through your affiliates the more your product is sold and the more affiliate signup it will make that product rise in their algorithm so that there is so that more affiliate resellers naturally find you through organic search in those sites so sometimes it's just a matter of pounding the payment and getting a few affiliate people to affiliates to resell your product already and that will make you prominent in those sites so in the next lectures I'm gonna explain to you how to start that process and and bumping yourself up there with just getting the initial affiliate to start reselling you.

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