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When you have a large product feed file

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about a situation when you have many products because it's easy to manually upload and edit a single or product or a few products that's just a handful of products but what if you have a hundreds or thousands of products in your store then you can't really be doing that every day checking you know is this inventory available the inventory for product one go to zero because you've got so many products oh it's impossible so the options that you have are you go to your product and then you go to your feed which is your that you should be familiar with and then you wouldn't go to your feed you say continue and right here you have other options so Google sheets is a good option for a handful. Now a schedule fetch or upload is the app are the options for when you have a large set of entries for example if you have a scheduled fetch what you would do is you would have similarly formatted feed filed in Excel in same format as you would if you're using Google sheets but the only difference is you'd upload it to your site and you tell Google where to fetch it from on your site and then you can systematically write to that file every day maybe you would have a way to export your inventory from a third-party service maybe you're on like Shopify or maybe something else who knows what you're using for hosting your online store but the point is that you should be able to be able to export your inventory and then import it here to this file so that your Google Shopping is always updated and systematically and you never have to bother going in and manually changing the files also there's an if you if the upload feature is if you have a file that's over one gig in size that's that's a huge huge product list ok then you don't want you to do the fetch in that case you have to upload the file manually to their FTP and they'll essentially be walking you through the process of doing this so this is essentially these are the differences and these are the options for when you have a large product list.

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