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If you are selling a book, what to do inside your book

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about what intelligent things you can do to boost your reviews right from inside the book meaning you do really nothing outside no like Facebook promotion or off book promotion this is inside your book so first of all don't shoot yourself in the foot by making people have a worse experience than they should people don't like it and get irritated when you promote too early as a rule of thumb give value first I know it's easy for me to say that and I know it might seem obvious but you know what else is obvious that many people when they're selling products like ebooks are like anything else they want to sell their other things and they're very eager to sell and when they're very eager to sell that eagerness translates into selling too early irritating clients so don't do this don't put your other book list or other suggestions or collecting email addresses or anything like that at the front of your book you might get a little bit of higher conversion or those things maybe but you'll irritate a lot of people and you will get bad reviews for that and of course your book will rank lower and you'll get less a also long term this will actually have a negative impact on your book even if in the short term it gives you a little bit of a tiny boost promote your books only at the end after the book is over that's really promote now here's what you can do to begin getting people to engage with you and when they engage with you you can ask them for their review. If they don't engage with you they won't ask for a review of course you can ask for a review right inside the books it's really rare that they'll actually do the review and it's uncommon for people to ask for reviews right inside the books so you can email ask people to email you for feedback as well the main problem is that you know people do they never email with feedback you can kind of create a story about it say hey you're looking for suggestions for the next draft and that my give a tiny bit of an increase to your ask for feedback but it still won't make that tremendous difference what will make tremendous difference is if you give something for free at the end of the book not to collect their email addresses but to genuinely give them something for free of value for example a lot of the people who buy my books I have I say in the beginning like hey this has extra resources extra free resources at the end of the book some of the free resources are things like all they have to email me for in order for me to send them the resource or some things like that just so I can get in touch with them and when I get in touch with them I provide even more I say hey thanks for getting in touch here's your free resource and I can give you additional things you know maybe if you can maybe like the review or something like that and sometimes that works now this is a little bit of a gray area because it's not you know you don't want to incentivize reviews but you can position it you you never ask for leaving a nice review you just say leave a review and you home that it's nice of course but the asking of giving of extra resources remember the whole idea of the carrot you can give them more of things they want and then they will take action and then don't message you and then keep offering them free things and you'll get the review it might seem like a lot of work for a review but reviews are like literally a review is like people put putting money in your pocket so it's literally a smart long-term strategy so now here's the extra carrot that I really like doing in my book when you write your book. If it's a novel this won't work necessarily but let's say it's a how-to book or a business book or something else or how do you know anything so if it's a how-to book people want to accomplish something so what you want to do is put exercises in the book which is a very natural thing to do in such a book it actually makes the book better and what you can then say is you'll give feedback on this exercise if people email you and if they really want to accomplish whatever they the book promises they will email you if you provide if you if you offer to provide extra help to them and this is something I do in my business planning book and my marketing planning book in my mobile app marketing book people want to write a better business plan create a better mobile app marketing app and promoted a strategy right for their apps so they want this they really want it and so they email me a lot when I say a lot about five to ten percent of the people who get the books email me which is actually a really big number considering that most people who get the books don't even start reading it it's it's like that with all consumer products you know how it is you get it you buy something you use it once in your life or you never pick it up and because it was a spur-of-the-moment thing so it's actually a really big conversion rate even though the number sounds small so these people email me and contact me and then some of them get in a longer engagement longer conversation with me and then at some point I ask for a review but only after I've provided a lot a lot of help and I don't ask for review in exchange for anything I just ask for a review randomly because you know after I've after I feel that the person got a lot of help but they would have never contacted me and they would have never gone through all that help with me if I didn't offer this to them so the exercise in the course and me reviewing the exercise is actually something that really makes a tremendous difference in how many natural reviews I get with people that I get in touch with so that my exercise for you is to come up with your own exercise that you are Carrott to put into the book and if you'd like to post your carrot into the description into the discussion of the course we can actually talk about it and I can give you my thoughts on it if you can explain what you're doing so that's your exercise come up with your own carrot to put inside the book you may not want to do this because sometimes you want to preserve the purity of the book but if you make it interactive this is actually people love that they really like that the author goes the extra mile and so it's actually something people might like in your book as well so this is actually these are so these are the strategies that I do to get more engagement in my books and get better reviews on my books.

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