How to Link Google AdWords to Analytics: Set Up & Tips

Linking your Ads account

Lesson Details:
January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that you've created your Google Merchant Center account and you've created your data feed now the very next thing to do is to connect this to your AdWords account so you go right here on the top right you see the three little dots and Inigo account linking click that and then gives you some options your AdWords account and it says mine is not linked so we're going to link it that easy it's linked now that's what happens if you already have an AdWords account if you don't have an AdWords account you have to literally go to add slash Adwords and set that up essentially you already like I mentioned earlier in the course you already have an account everywhere on Google services with your login that you use for this service for Gmail everywhere so essentially just go there to slash AdWords and you come here Inigo sign in of course for me the process would be different because I'm already here I already have an account for you it will take you through a process of a few steps very basic steps and then you will be able to begin running Google merchant words ads for your e-commerce product.

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