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Creating your first data feed

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that you have your website set up and your account is all fine what you want to begin doing is obviously uploading your product the way you start doing that is by clicking the product tab on the left and then checking out the items on the left side on the pane here diagnostics is something that you're gonna look into in case once you upload your product in case there's something wrong with it or something that needs to be addressed with your products that's where it's going to display here for now we want to setup you we want to add your product and that is in the feeds tab so we're gonna click the feeds tab and there's a little plus here it's gonna give you all these little things type products where you are United States yes I'm in the United States language English continue we're gonna continue and then it's going to say it's going to give you a few options in for how you should upload your product with Google sheets it's really easy and you just use your Google Drive I'll show you how to do that say continue here so you just leave this as default that's recommended just leave your primary feed name for you it might be something like my first feed or if you actually want this to for your feet to be really it for you then you give it a good name then you click continue and then it's going to ask you do you want to generate a new Google spreadsheet form a template if you say yes and it's going to open a Google sheet here and I'm gonna say yeah this is my account and I'm gonna say allow it will do a little bit of thinking and as you can see it created your first sheet your first data feed sheet and in the next video we're going to go over how to fill out that sheet so that you can that sheet is gonna be essentially where your product information will be that Google will place in the ads so in the next video we're gonna actually go and fill out that sheet.

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