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Creating your merchant account

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we are going to begin setting up your Google merchant account you do that by going to merchants and its merchants and it will redirect you to this long URL but all you have to do is go to slash merchants and if you're not aware all of your Google accounts are actually already with one sign in so even though it says sign up you really are actually already have an account here because all of your Google accounts your Android your drop you know your Google Drive your Gmail. Whatever else you use from Google many many of their services they have like kinds of services really and they're all under your email and your one account so basically you just go sign in even though you don't have an account you just still go sign in and when you sign in you have to go through the verification process so we're going to walk you through how to do that first you select your country United States what is the name of your store yo it's my website my website URL is the check box my site contains adult products mine does not so and then there are a few more check box that send me updates with tips if you really want their tips ok usually I'd recommend not doing it but every once in a while they might send a nice tip usually it's like just email that comes to your inbox and you were too busy to read it and you just don't read it and it just kind of like useless spam but if you do read it if you're the kind of person who does really definitely check this box and up sometimes they'll send you surveys and you know we don't want that then next continue then you have to agree to the Terms of Service I'm going to assume that you're going to read this and then agree but for the video sake we're just gonna go next and then you have to verify that website verified unclaimed how do you claim it with that claim your website claim and then you go finish now that you've done that this is essentially the step to set up your account and in the next video will actually continue with setting up your ads.

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