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How Do I Create An Autoresponder

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Once you've made your list and after you've put the email signup forms on your website then people are gonna start signing up this is where automation kicks in so on MailChimp you click on automation and there's it gives you these really amazing things you say you know in my case I already have an automated workflow in your case you will say add automation in because it's you're studying this from scratch and what you get is this really amazing sequence of emails because they guide you of what to do for example if you're selling something then you have like abandoned you know abandoned email specific product follow-up all these things that help you create a professional email sequence that professional can be bigger companies have and have perfected in my cases for example since I said try to sell educational products from with my email autoresponder then I can choose course series salivation reengagement automation things like that and that's really great so if I choose for example add animation. You name it something like test of course for you you would not name a test and you would say next and it will give you this interface and in the next lecture I'm gonna show you I'm gonna walk you through see it gives you this pre-configured set of emails and all you have to do is write the emails right you only have to just click here and design the emails then you can specify how how long after the email has been created after after the subscriber has subscribed and after the previous person has got in the previous email you see it's like these in this example it's all one week apart one week apart one week apart it's up to you depending on your taste of entrepreneurship and how aggressively you want to email them and make make sure they don't forget about you but this is it once you create this then the next lecture I'll show you how to populate all these emails and how I did it.

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