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Email Subscription Popup

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: One of the most popular options for gaming collecting email addresses is to have email pop up show up to visitors when they first come to your site maybe after 10 or 15 seconds or something like that and so there's a number of WordPress plugins for that that makes it really easy here's an article that you're gonna be able to access it's going to be in the resources area of this lecture and you're gonna be able to click this link the link there and go to this article so you can check out yourself and it's a pros and cons of the top eat wordpress plugins for this and basically you can see that a lot of them are paid and not particularly cheap either so there's that and another one but the response that's free to start at least and it's umami tsunami and so we're gonna start with that and tsunami is right here in all you do is you say like HTTP. Then you're calm and then it's going to give you it's gonna actually make you sign in I don't want to send in because I already have a account with them but in your case it's gonna make you sign in and then it's going to ask you just a little bit of information and then it's gonna eat either it's going to give you an HTML snippet or it's gonna help you install the WordPress plugin for tsunami and once we have the WordPress plugin you can configure it and basically it will collect your email addresses and populate your list with it so this is one of the popular ones that people use so I recommend you try this for at least for free and see how it goes for you and in the worst case you can just embed the HTML snippet that MailChimp gives you right into your header of your homepage so that way you can have that pop up from there as well so these are the options that you have for to create this email popup and if you're thinking oh these things are so annoying I hate it when I come to websites and they do this to me I agree but they actually work to get more subscribers so use your best judgment.

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