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Designating a list

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's get started with the MailChimp examples these are the examples I'm going to show you because that's the only tool that I use and know so basically if you're just starting out you go to list and then you already have a couple of lists as you can see and in your case you we just have create list you you would say do you want to create a list of awhile you would say create a list I don't really want to create a list so I'm not gonna do this but I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do this later and you basically give it a memorable name the important thing is the from email address because in the from name because these are that's the thing that people are gonna see in their inbox and it's very important that this matches. What they signed up to so if they sang about some website the email should be from that website because then they would be like oh I get it because if they're confused about where your email is coming from why the address is mismatched why the name is mismatched then they all delete it more often some people will get confused and delete and so you don't want to do that now also you can put a reminder why people join your list I don't love to do that but a and contact information this is something that's internally used obviously you're not gonna have that in your emails and you can also choose how MailChimp notifies you of the daily changes of these lists unsubscribe subscribes and things like that for me as as your list is small I think you want to do it one by one and and the one by one for the subscribe that subscribe so that you can get real-time to see it that's what I liked and preferred but you can also get a daily summary if you have an email over overflow and you really just want it all in one email you can do the daily summary and that's really it was your list and that's what we're gonna stop with in this video the next video we're gonna do more things but in this video and that's what we're gonna do you choose your list and then you for this list you can do a whole bunch of things that I'll show you later.

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