What are the best off page SEO techniques

SEO off page efforts to make your videos rank higher

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that you have a good idea of how to do your keyword research and you're gonna make a video and you're gonna set it up to rank well on your keywords this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy then okay how do you actually get the video to rank higher there's off page efforts and techniques that we should talk about but first a couple of a little bit of disclaimers you have to be patient ranking doesn't happen overnight we don't own YouTube or Google we can't tell it hey I have a good video rank me okay you can say hey I'm doing all the right things ranked me there are they have algorithms that are proprietary we don't have all the knowledge of how they work so we kind of have to approximate what is best and learn continuously learn from my effort and often be a little patient because maybe we wanted to rank now of course we wanted to ring yesterday right but our videos will you know it sometimes takes time okay but here's what you do to make it go faster to make it rank faster what you have to focus your efforts on is getting more thumbs up right those thumbs up it's a sign to youtube that it's a good video okay and it's a sign of engagement they like that more comments same thing it's a sign of engagement they like that it helps with search so we'll search ranking you want to do more social sharing you know those buttons that you have on the YouTube share it on your Facebook on your Twitter and encourage other people to share right the better the video the more naturally other people who are strangers who are watching the videos the more chances they will share all that will help your YouTube SEO then you want to embed your videos in blog posts and in different forums and wherever you can that's also going to help your ranking the more embeds of the video the better ranking and of course you want to have more views more views and the acceleration of views right you want to have higher acceleration of views then they can the videos in that search and then they will get you to rank higher over time also longer view times.


If the video is good people watch for a longer amount of time and that's a sign to YouTube Hank this is a good video people are watching this longer than the other videos or at least making it through a longer a bigger percentage of the video we should bring this higher because people are liking this more and of course you want to build channel authority in your niche so if my channel is about business and have only one video about business that's not very authoritative right but if I have many videos about business and they get a lot of views that's kind of like YouTube says oh this person makes a lot of things they cover a lot of topics areas within business and people like it because it's getting a lot of views and that's also going to build your channel authority and all your videos will rank a little better so all these things I think you should be working to influence and they will help you to rank your videos higher one tactic that can be easy to use is paying to get that abused right this is Google AdWords for it for video for you it for YouTube and paying for views is not that expensive you can get views for mere pennies and you can get a lot of views they may not be completely relevant views maybe it's a different demographic because it's cheaper maybe your demographics gonna be a little bit more expensive maybe ten cents on you 20 cents of view which is still not bad but after but if you need thousands of views it Canada but many people do use the tactic of buying views to increase the number of views and to jump over their competitors in youtube search so that's something that may be worth while talking about and thinking about and we're gonna cover how to do that in an upcoming video anyway.

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