SEO keyword research Part 01

SEO keyword research Part 01

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: The keyword research aspect of SEO and getting your videos to rank is monumentally important it's probably one of the most important things that you can do and this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy okay of course if you don't get it right it's one of the things you think that can go the most wrong right because let's say you choose keywords and rank for those search terms but nobody's searching for them that's a waste right or you choose keywords that are too competitive you can't rank for them because there's too many competing videos that's also a waste of your time or you choose keywords that you can rank for but they don't bring necessary traffic because what's the brilliant thing about search the brilliant thing about search is that people are telling the search engine exactly what is what's referred to as their intent what they want at exactly the time that they wanted right and some intense this so the keyword is basically a clue to their intent what they want and some things that they want will end up being very highly converting some things that they want will end up being very not talk well converting and it's often a gray area it's hard it's really sometimes difficult to predict but if you have a person who's searching for buy Nike shoes that's a better search than Nike because if they're searching for something like Nike it's too random you don't know what they want about Nike that they want information are they shopping do they just want to see a logo do you have no idea the intent is unclear but if you know that they're typing buy Nike shoes you know that they have an intent to buy Nike shoes at least it's much stronger it might not be today but but they are searching today.

So there's a high chance of that so choosing the right keywords and again you want to choose something that is not too competitive but something that is in demand and I'm going to walk you through a google keyword example there's a there's a tool for this that you can use to help you with your research I'm gonna walk you through right after that this slide so once you choose your keywords what you're gonna have to do to get your videos to rank in search is to put those keywords into your title so the title will have to contain those keywords right a long YouTube video description with those keywords in there multiple times not not too many but at least some because Google and YouTube they use that description and the title to determine what's in your video okay they use that quite a bit because they you know it's harder for them to read what you were saying in the video then if it was just text so they use the description as as pretty much a strong guy and of course you get to put meta keywords into your YouTube videos so you should put those keywords that you want to rank for there as well so now let me show you a practical example of research keyword research and I'm going to go right from the beginning so I'm on Google I'm gonna Google for Google Keyword tool you can do the same thing so you can just follow along and here I find that Google Adwords Keyword planner it's part of Adwords but you don't have to pay for this for me it's going to load for you you may have a few steps to do if you if it's your first time logging into this thing it's your first time they may ask you for some more information but here I'm ready and you just basically search for keywords and I'm gonna do a couple examples I'm gonna do an example of a keyword niche that I know well which is my own businesses keyword niche and I'm gonna do one that I don't know well so that it maybe seem more similar to how you will experience your first time doing keyword research so the thing that I know well is business planning right or business starting a business okay so let's look how to start a business right so let's do start business and we'll do a search she i'll make the screen bigger so that you can see better okay and so here you see you get ad group ideas so they're kind of guessing what you're trying to do start small business grand start an online business right you see these are general topic areas and here you have keyword ideas I like keyword ideas and let's go there first of all it tells you that there are 590 average monthly searches that contain the search and then gives you other additional searches so you see the juicy one is exactly how to start a business okay so if you can rank for that you're gonna get a lot of traffic because a lot of people are searching for that second one is starting a business and then it's startup business start a business you see all of these steps to starting a business and what you want to do is literally you want to go to like YouTube and search you know so for example and the reason we want to do search is just to see how competitive how competitive it is right.

Of course we want to capture these 40,000 people of course but let's see how you know you always want to see how competitive it will be right so you would go to youtube and want agree to go to youtube and we would how to start a business ok and you can see that the first video has almost 2 million views the second one has like almost a hundred thousand views say the third one almost two million so you see these are pretty entrenched and established videos it's going to be very hard to displace them and then if you even if you go to the second page it doesn't get any easier 23,000 maybe gets a little easier but but still these are relatively established videos they've been here for a while they're all have I said some significant amount of views so it's a difficult search term to rank for and if you're not familiar with search and it's your first time you should maybe consider an easier keyword so you go back at this one it was too competitive so that you couldn't go back and you say let's say what about steps to starting a business right let's just copy this and put it right in here let's see if that's any less competitive it looks definitely less competitive because look at the for the fourth video just has two thousand use but I would say it's still pretty competitive like it's not that easy to rank here by the way here's my video it ranks here in the same video which also is trying to rank for how to start a business does not you see it did not come up like this one is mine this one it did not come up in the first two pages of the previous search so this is much easier to rank for obviously but still not easy so no week right so definitely you see that the numbers of views here are far less than the ones on the previous video but still there are some pretty significantly strong videos that is going to be still difficult to compete with probably especially.

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