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Introduction To Seo & How To Sell With Video Marketing

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi there this video is going to be a very very beginner video for people who are not familiar with SEO just about at all this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy ok I want everybody to be up to speed if you are familiar with SEO maybe skip this video there's gonna be two beginner for you but here here we go so what is SEO it's basically search engine it's an acronym stands for search engine optimization for our purposes it's a a tool a technique for us for how we're gonna get our videos to rank in youtube search and most videos are discovered in YouTube through search and we want to take advantage of that of course because we get when people search they find us we get free traffic and possibly a lot of it and very highly converting traffic because they are already searching for what we are offering which is great we don't have to stand and wave our hand and say hey buy my stuff they're already coming to us right so it's very powerful and for that reason we need to take as much advantage of it as possible so essentially this slide explains what I just said essentially search engine optimization and it's the practice that we're going to use to get our videos to give our videos as high chance as possible to come up in searches when they are relevant of course there are many for every search there are many competing videos and they're doing SEO as well so it's not always easy because we always have some degree of competition and typically the more lucrative or the more high highly demanded a search term is the more competition there is so one thing that we're gonna talk about in upcoming videos is their SEO really has a two-fold approach there is the things that you do like right on your video and then there's things you do I guess you can call it off your video so all things you do on your video are things like getting you know making sure that your description and title has the right keywords making sure that you made it that the titles are good generally making the video a good video so that people watch it longer because an engagement is a positive signal for for YouTube search and Google search and that will help you rank and then that's all the stuff you can do right on your video and then off video stuff is you know getting thumbs up getting more comments getting more social sharing generating more views all those kinds of things and we'll talk about that in a little bit more detail in upcoming videos so that you get a you know exactly the tactics that you have to do and how to do them.

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