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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about the video format of doing product reviews this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy this is a very effective format for some cases let's talk about its pros and cons generally they are pretty boring videos and again I'll have a sort of strategy explanation and at the end I'll have an example of a video that's a product review that you can reference that's a good one okay so generally they're pretty boring videos and the only people who watch them are actually really interested right you will get you're tapping into that super-interested niche and subset of people who are gonna you know they're there at some point of the sales funnel they may be interested in the product they may be shopping and needed today they are closer than most people to buying okay and that's why they have a very high conversion rate typically as long as you make it very good additionally that kind of video can rank in youtube search or Google search for specific product names or models especially if you are comparing certain products or reviewing a single product you have a good chance to get it to rank for that single product and you know as long as you beat other reviews you can get a lot of people who are interested who are you know Jen genuinely interested you can get organic traffic which again has a high conversion rate the problem sometimes the challenge sometimes is that if it's a popular product you may have competition with nearly the same videos that have been made before you will have to out market them okay and let me tell you about the format that it usually has you have to show the product it's usually visual and you have to explain and show the details and get deep into it and discuss usage of different parts of the product how does it feel which parts are bad which parts are less bad which parts are good has to be very professional very thorough have to gain trust because people have to feel like you're not telling them something but actually telling the truth okay and of course if it's something that you're reviewing something that you want people to buy you have to clearly explain the next step how to buy the product what - exactly - click because a lot of people don't know don't expect everybody to actually like guess and figure it out you'll increase your conversion rates if you explain people exactly where to go how to go what to click what the link what links to choose all that but that's only after you know you've made the call action to buy and you know you gotta get people to get generally genuinely into actually getting the product right and if there's some product that may be better for some things you wanna point to another product hopefully it's another product review of yours where you can sell that product that's right kind of promote these things usually like I mentioned that usually can rank well for YouTube and Google SEO okay if it's a good product review you may generate interest in user and community forums and Facebook groups that discuss this kind of things you can and those are free strategies you can also boost your paid butcher traffic with paid paid advertiser so marketing it means free traffic advertising it means you have to pay right a little bit so and you can advertise on Google AdWords on Google search YouTube AdWords for your beautiful for your video apt to have sort of a video ads which actually are typically very cheap per view and you can also do something like LinkedIn ads or Facebook ads depending on the kind of products that you are selling and where you may find best targeting to reach your potential user so let me show you now a little bit of a video that I thought was a really good product review video it's a super boring product it's a stands camera stands right and but you can quickly be able to see how professional and thorough this guy is I'm gonna kind of pull them the middle somewhere here so if you're working on uneven ground sort of called a Rocky Mountain like you can stick it out adjust it to maybe the side of the mountain or something and get it two different different configurations that way so look for a tripod that allow you to do that and then the other thing is you need to look at how long this shaft is in the bottom of your tripod because if you want to get your tripod and really loaded I'll have the link you know I muted him because I'm obviously not gonna play this for a long time but I'm see how thorough he is.

He has different products it's very professional you may have noticed also that there are different camera angles at play here and very nice editing as well so this is a professionally made video you can see it's also very successful here it has a hundred thousand views I kind of forgot if he's selling something or it's just a good product review video but if you are selling definitely put calls to action throughout the video not just at the end because it is boring and even if people are interested they might fall asleep right there's only so much attention a person can have when they're listening to a review about camera tripods right so maybe people might be interested in buying sooner than at the end of the video and you want to take advantage of that by adding calls to actions that are sooner that explains equal half they get this product probably after you show them how much better their lives would be if they have this product but I do want to point out the thoroughness and how he talks about all aspects of the cameras the kippah tries with all aspects of the tripod and he really gives a really great review really informative and I with me at least he's built a lot of trust I know he knows what he's talking about and I'm basically see I don't even have to really trust him I'm basically seeing the product at work right so I kind of can you know it doesn't require as much trust even so that's the beauty of product reviews that they are the person is interested they are somewhere along the sales funnel they're not like some random person online right they're usually very targeted people search for product reviews or product information and wipes that's the kind of stuff so highly converting video format here.

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