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Pinning YouTube comments with your product links for higher conversion

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So a very exciting thing happened in the SEO world a company named SEO Mars this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy creative they come out with new ranking factors about every two years and they are extremely reputable one of the most reputable companies in the SEO space and they've put together you see it here it says I'm gonna make it bigger for you a lot bigger and they said basically they asked over 150 experts and when they say experts they really get great experts on what they see are the biggest Google ranking factors okay and they have this little chart here it's a little confusing what's less confusing is the chart is explained right here so you and I are gonna walk through each of these and we're gonna explore what is the most important things that will get your pages to rank highly in Google okay so this is if you're not in Google here if you work for Google you know the fact if you if you're outside of Google like you and I you we don't know the fact and we have to approximate and these are absolutely the best approximation for today released in 2005 sorry - for 2015 okay here we go so these are the latest greatest stuff so the top most important things that Google loves is what they call domain level link features right so it's links from links that says to us that links is still important link building is still important and but what's really more important is the quality of those links right and by quality you know you want to have have links that come from really good websites and really prominent pages on those sites and also very relevant to you know the topic of that website or page to your page right those things are actually you see if stream li influential for getting your page and website to rank highly in Google okay that's the number one thing the second thing is just like we had domain level link features page levels link features so it's basically the same thing but links from not just different website but different pages right you see how a lot of these are differentiated by domain and page you see most of these most of the points they start either domain level or page level page level you see number four page level six the main level so really they differentiate a lot like is it a do they consider like the whole website or just the page from which a link is coming from or something else is happening so number one and two is kind of similar except that the they they well they evaluate the website overall rather than the individual pages right so the website overall has more importance like what it's about how authoritative it is how established it is and then it's the individual pages on that website okay of course number three is keyword and content based features right so keywords and this is really all about relevance right so you know if your as long as your keywords are within your general authority area then it's Google really likes that right they talk about content relevance scoring on-page keyword optimization topic modeling right things like that so it's all centered about the subject matter about which you talk in your page in general website okay then this is interesting so they make a distinction you see page level key word agnostic features so stop that has nothing to do with features well sorry stuff that has nothing to do with keywords and you notice it's far behind the keyword based stuff so the keywords are still very very important and this is more like structural things right well how fast your website loads is your website unique and interesting Open Graph markup that's a little bit complex it has to do with like different yeah I don't even know to be honest I only vaguely kind of know what that refers to even and then you see here what's important is content length right a lot of people wonder should my page be like 300 words 500 words a thousand words well you see here it's important but it's not the most important thing right so content line is right here I would I would also add to that probably content types right because you can have videos photos text audio embedded things like that and then here number five is very interesting because it's engagement right what are people doing on your page is it like are they coming to your page and leaving or they you know that would be a bad signal or are they coming to a page doing a lot of things spending a lot of time.

They're clicking around sharing on social media those things are you see very important still but obviously it's only like number five in the list and then brand metrics I'm going down to number six brand level metrics it's stuff like your general domain Authority right like if you know obviously if your ad is the name of some big company and you make a web page you have this brand that's super recognized and talked about on the web and so that web page will be much more highly highly highly highly likely to rank then a web page made by any other website right because it's a brand you know it's a known thing so let's go number seven domain-level keyword usage.


This would be like all the pages on your website like are they talking generally about some general subject area or do you have one page maybe talks about cars the next page talks about health right so so the whole domain is a little bit of a confused thing right it's not clear to Google whether your entire website is about some topic whereas if you mostly focused on some topic like let's say business then Google knows like hey in business related areas this website is more authoritative they know what they're talking about that's their focus and so that will help you rank more than if you had like different topics like on one topic about health just hopping about sports another topic about like cars under the topic about like medicine you know whatever that wouldn't be as good and then you see number eight we're getting down to the lesser important things is stuff like we talked about on page like text you know page loading and you know exploding speeds things like that all these security stuff on your domain this SSL certificate is a security thing actually domain name like that's a new one I am a little surprised to see it here because there has not been a whole lot of talk about the main name length anyway and then the last one is page level social metrics again on every page are people sharing your page and by the way I'm surprised to see it so low with these new metrics with these new signals coming out because in a way this has been so talked about and so hyped I think maybe Google is saying you know what it used to be more important but now everybody is manipulating Facebook shares Google Plus Ones retweets and everybody's focused on it because they want to get help for SEO and if you see it still helps SEO but maybe they made it less important because people were going crazy on this realizing that they can bypass the whole link thing just do social sharing but as you can see here in the latest I think for me the biggest takeaway is that social media while it's important obviously but it's only like number nine on this list the number one on this list is getting links quality quality links to your website and that is going to actually get you your pages to rank ok and for me I'm surprised because in previous years I saw a trend that yes links were still important but they were becoming less important and social sharing was becoming more important and I was expecting that trying to continue but now I see that that trend has slowed down and the links are still very important they're hard to get because you gotta get good ones not just any old links from some crappy web sites don't do that only good links from relevant website and it will get your pages to rank really well and of course in this course I have a few tips maybe a lot of tips on how to get good links so that's it that's the new SEO ranking factors this is really the best that the SEO industry has today so I really strongly encouraged to review this I'm gonna post the link here so you can also visit this page in the lecture resources and you know browse it yourself but essentially we just walk through and the main takeaway for me get good links to your site and also cross link your own pages that also is important to get your pages to rank right so if you have your it's not it's not all about getting pages from other sites it's really also about in addition to that it's about if you have one page make sure that you link to other pages that you want to get them to rank anyway so that's it try these focus on these and this is going to increase your chances of getting your website to rank.

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