How I rank videos Part 02

How I rank videos for competitive searches Part 02

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Then I promote my other Facebook videos this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy this strategy actually didn't work very well you know with this strategy I was hoping to have my recommended videos become full of these videos but it didn't happen that way because you see in my recommended videos I'm actually not getting any of my videos recommended which is very bad but luckily we're not talking about that here here we're talking about search so basically keyword rich title keyword rich description long description and that's it then what I did that that's it essentially for on YouTube SEO so now let's talk about the off page SEO that I did for this video and you will see that you know at first this video didn't rank well right and then it took a while and then it kind of started to go well and better and better and better and now it's really well I mean it's getting like 66 used per day you know as the last day even in the bad days it's getting 25 years which is not bad so okay what did I do right so naturally I was promoting this on social media I was posting this video on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn what else Google+ of course and the idea was to get it shared right so I was using hashtags and I was using a lot of things like that and just you know attractive titles and things like that and people were sharing it then I started to embed this video into a few pages I embed it into my blog posts I embedded it into a few pages on the web where it was appropriate and you know I started promoting into my email list you know as you can see here I'd read it I generated a spike and you can see we can actually go to traffic sources it's not gonna be very helpful but you can see that I was always trying to improve search right and there was a spike in search I think it was that day but um search wasn't the only thing rights it um you know external website I think you know this is my promotion right I did things like that and I think a lot of this unknown was my promotion as well because they don't know where things came from and here's that spike where I promoted the video so I did a lot of promotion you know a lot of essentially social sharing get people to reshare the video and embedding the video into other sites and eventually you see that right away but eventually this video started ranking and it's still relatively young and it's still you know it has a bright future ahead about it there's still some growth so you know this the entire story for this video hasn't been written I just have to kind of not stop but keep going with this video and keep promoting it one thing that can be done and I haven't done this but it might be effective is to buy YouTube views right because that really boosts a lot of the quality metrics and that helps the video rank better as well so that's something that I did I did essentially to rank this video in a very competitive search that I originally didn't think I was gonna be able to and I'll show you other videos right so for example I'll show you other searches you know since I'm in the business niche the most common search in the business niche is how to start a business right and I'll show you you know Here I am also in the first page in fact a head of some really big people like Marie Forleo you might know her because she's a she's a huge brand she has one hundred sixty seven thousand subscribers as you can see right you know and this is a relatively well this is not a new video but you know how to make money online right you also see my video on the first page and when it's on the first page it doesn't mean that it's you know it just means that it you know it's here here's my video on this topic and you know you can see the same strategy 50/50 ideas to make money online right so I use that listicle it's called listicle when you have a list of 50 or in your number and I use that kind of a strategy to kind of just get ahead and a lot of sharing for this video I did a lot of sharing and you see it's relatively on two months old and a lot of the videos here they're you know nine months well this person did well when we can go but most of the people here are well a lot of people's here you see four days ago a lot of what they do is they buy views so they accelerate views you see that 10 hours ago so there's all there's some spamming going on right where people are like literally buying views because I don't think that they're getting that many views naturally so so I'm basically competing with people who are buying a lot of views or doing something else really strong and I'm essentially getting to rank without paying with just smart SEO strategies and so that's kind of how I promote my videos on how I get my videos to rank and very competitive searches.

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