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Conversion video

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about another video format or video type it's the conversion video right on your sales page this is the video that's meant to be embedded on a page where people have the Buy button this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy or at least have some very strong call to action for the next step okay and if you're wondering what this video is like you should go no further than you do me because every every every course landing page on udemy has this right because every time you go and you visit a course landing page guess what the very first thing that's there is a sales video right that's the video where the instructor gets to explain to you how good the courses or what it's about and you can get a sense of whether the course is right for you and it's a sales video and it's very important because good sales videos can increase your sales conversion hundreds of percent and of course you should watch a lot of the very successful instructors sales videos on udemy to get really good examples of how to make these good and how to make them convert but here are a few strategies okay they live right on the sales page right that's where they mentally that's where they're meant to exist they may rank some for something in YouTube inadvertently but really the sole place for them the main place is for them that's where they're gonna do the most damage the most effect for you is on your sales page it's the first thing people see and video is so much easier to consume then text so most people don't read text or don't wanna read text and if you can't image them in the video it's much more effective that's really why it's effective because a lot of people don't like to read long descriptions.

It should be maybe two to three minutes not too much more sometimes you want to even do under two minutes sometimes even under a minute depending on your business but generally you want to keep people engaged interested and keep the video very brisk but definitely outlined the benefits okay outline the benefits and make people see make people really envision again how good their life will be or how much better their life will be if they buy this thing and also outlined that it's you know that the the price for this thing is not as you know kind of make them become okay with the price if you can't you know because that's really a barrier right there like they're thinking like why is this gonna help me and then you show them yes it will and then well it's a little bit expensive and then you show them well you're getting a lot of value for this and it's gonna help you so much that it's gonna pay for itself or it's gonna relieve so much stress or relieve so much pain then it's worth a worthwhile investment and once you do this make a call to action tell them exactly hey press the Buy button right here or you know do this click here and you can do this at the end of the video or even in the middle somewhere because if the people are already sold to they already convinced you don't want them to wait for the rest of the video maybe you would explain that you can actually throw a call to action in the middle or towards the beginning middle and at the end and that would make for a good effective sales video that lives right on your landing page.

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