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Basic content marketing videos

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi there in this video we're gonna examine the basic content marketing video this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy that without you know no real frills but it works in some ways so let's talk about the strategy for it and then I'll give you an example of it so first of all it's a basic content right you you might explain how to do something or talk about some topic that your customers might be interested in and the idea is that the topic that you rank for has some keywords that people typically search for and that you will get to rank in Google search or YouTube search or somewhere else primarily it's those two and by virtue of that you'll get traffic today next week next month next year as long as your video ranks in search you're gonna continue to get traffic and of course you can amplify that traffic by doing your own promotion on social media and maybe paying for advertising as well so what happens in that sort of a video is basically you just explain something right like you know the example I'll show you this me explaining how to create like a business plan or a mobile application business a lot of people who might be curious about starting a mobile app business they might search for something like that like how does talk a mobile app business have a write a business plan for an app and so that's what I explained and it's the it's the number one video that comes up on YouTube for these sorts of things like if your search for business plan for mobile app it's the number one video that comes up and I continue to get organic traffic I don't do any promotion of it I made it once I said it there it ranks and I get continued traffic and I lightly upsell from it and I'll explain all that in a second and it's a little bit you know there's another format which we're going to talk about later which is similar like product reviews or [Music] even doing more aggressive sales videos but the good thing about this one is you can just make get about it's not about buying something right it's about creating content that's helpful for your audience right I'm not the video is not about telling the video is about some interest for people within your topic niche and that's how you draw them by getting your content your video to rank in search you draw the people in they like your content they may explore more and because of that the conversion rate is typically low because you don't sell very aggressively okay but you get to make happy viewers right.

They care about they're interested in some topic you talk about the topic you satisfy their thirst for knowledge they're happy they might subscribe to your channel they may explore further depending on how good your video was and how much of a need they have and how much of an interest they have and how much trust you were able to build over the course of the video the video that I'll show you has only a call to action to do any kind of buying from me at the very end which is the least you can do right to increase conversion rate you can add you can allude to buying stuff throughout the video like if that video I'll show you is about 15 minutes long something at the five minute mark at the 10 minute mark you can kind of casually allude to hey and here's the number you call hey here's the website you go to here's that URL click the URL if you need this blah blah blah and more calls to action will get will result in higher conversion rates for this essentially the same video and of course you want the balance of upsell vs. viewer satisfaction because if you do too much upselling people will get irritated and if you don't do enough upselling people won't buy as much right and all throughout people have to be happy with the video because they're not happy that it's gonna click off that's gonna be the end of that so I want to show you the video that I made and by the way I'm gonna have a link to this video so you can watch it yourself you can check it out you can see how it all works in the next lecture I'll just have a basic text lecture and a link to this video and a little bit of notes but you can see the video title is a very SEO title and don't worry if you don't know SEO it stands for search engine optimization I'm gonna have a primer for it later in this course and I have a full course on SEO I know the N on YouTube SEO that I'm going to link to at the very very end of this course the very last lecture is going to have links with discounts to the full courses on SEO so you can be a real pro but here for now you can see I'm using a lot of keywords write business plan for a startup or mobile app so anybody searching for business plan or startup anybody searching for business plan for mobile app will find this video very likely and you see I've gotten eleven thousand organic views people like it there's almost a 10 to one upwards to download ratio and here's another very end of this video at the very very end like right there I have some kind of an upsell and basically all I do and by the way you will see the video quality isn't that great here when I was starting when I was when I made this video I was kind of early in my filming career whatever and I didn't know how to make better videos.

You see my background is kind of strange you might say you're not that much better now but okay real table that but essentially my delivery isn't as good here I go on more tangents things like that so even despite that people liked this video but I'll tell you it couldn't be much tighter and much better nevertheless people still like it but here's the upsell that I do here in this video I'm just gonna play it and I don't have sound here just so it doesn't interfere but you'll see that so I'm gonna skip the ad and you'll see that God they show me other ad that's strange okay I'm gonna skip this ad hopefully yeah so I'm gonna go right here okay well you can't see it but essentially I tell people to basically go to my website and buy my apps and stuff like that when you'll be able to see it when you watch the video just scroll to the end and so the last minute or so I spend telling people to like buy my apps and things like that and it converts but at the same time you see the video is like 15 minutes long and what happens is only about like 15 or 20% of the people make it all the way to the end right so a lot of people who are watching the video they might make it to like 10 minutes which is a good sign right they kind of like the video but they will never know about the things that I'm selling so this video is focused on mostly providing value and song at the end so conversion rates are low the results of this video from about I get about five to six to seven hundred views of this video a month and I'll tell you what the results are I never mentioned the actual video this product I never mentioned it here that I sell my udemy course I sell about one of those right I never mentioned it but people end up sometimes looking at the description people do buy my mobile app marketing book quite a bit I sell a few a month just from this video and people visit my website which has my mobile apps right and people get my and I promote my paid app so people get a few of those a month as well so for and I would say this video is relatively successful you know it's continuing to get downloads I'm not putting any marketing into it anymore it's ranking for its main targeted searches on its own and it doesn't make me a lot of money right so I sell the course here for it's gonna be about a $29 course the books are about you know under $10 it actually makes some money with ads it makes about five dollars a month with ads and but actually maybe that's a mistake because I really shouldn't put I don't recommend putting ads on a video on which you're trying to sell from but I'm greedy and for some reason I'm still doing that even though I know it might not be another good idea I just had to take the five bucks and add whatever maybe I'm too greedy anyway so but you see the kind of revenue that it makes and the sales that it generates right and generally even though like I mentioned it could be better people still like it so I would say it's a like it's a I would say it's a very liked video the thumbs up is almost ten to one from the thumbs down and because of that it does generate some sales for me even though I kind of actually made this video to be honest early on and I didn't know as much about all selling with video so I kind of botched the sales here if I was doing this now I would have alluded to the products I'm selling at about 510 and about in the last the five-minute mark the 10-minute mark and about the end of the video and I also explain more clearly how to buy and what to buy but nevertheless you kind of see the results they're not great the results aren't great right but they're like something and you can make many such videos right and that's the thing about content marketing is you if this video was easy too easy to make if you're a domain expert you can make a lot of these videos in fact I've made like hundreds of videos like this on different business topics okay each of them talking about some topic and then trying to upsell something else so if your domain expert it's actually easy for you to make an informational video like this because you already know the subject matter right all you have to know is that what people are interested in what they're searching for I'll show you that later when we talk about SEO that you can make videos on those topics it doesn't require multiple people it just requires you a camera sometimes not even a camera sometimes you can record things from your computer with special software and off you go so it's kind of an easy cheap way to make videos and it has some effectiveness and also of course a lot of the people who watch this even they they don't buy necessarily right away they subscribe to my YouTube channel which means that they watch my next videos I'm a lot of my next videos and then I might sell them something else eventually so that's the basic content marketing also you know you can make this funnier we'll talk about that more entertaining we'll talk about that soon in an upcoming video.

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