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February 15, 2020

Video Transcription: Congratulations on making it this far in my eBay course you're doing really great you've made a lot of progress and by now you understand the basics of creating a profitable eBay business now I want to take a chance to invite you to my other in-depth eBay course where you can keep your momentum and continue learning in this expanded eBay course you will get an expanded discussion of how to find profitable products you also get an Excel calculator to calculate profit margins for you a much more expanded discussion on how to find and communicate with international wholesalers and over all over four and a half hours of extremely valuable content that will help you create your own profitable eBay business and to find this course you can go on udemy calm and simply type in eBay business and this first course that comes up is my in-depth eBay course and you can click on that and this course normally costs $99 to enroll in but since you've made it this far my eBay course I want to invite you to continue learning for only $19 so to do that you can click on the redeem a coupon button and simply type in continue learning and click on apply and that's it you now have access to the C Bay course for only $19 and from this point you can click on the blue take this course button and you can start learning instantly.

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