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My honest view on dropshipping

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February 15, 2020

Video Transcription: So before we move on to the drop shipping section I just want to be completely upfront and honest with you and this is my view on drop shipping now I've tried to make money drop shipping for many years and I've tried drop shipping on ebay I've tried creating websites that drop ship products and I've also signed up for middleman such as Doba which is very similar to salehoo and other services like that and try to drop ship products from them and what I've learned after my experience is that drop shipping is a really bad way to make money and I know a lot of people are not gonna want to hear this but I just want to be truthful with you I've tried for years to try and make money drop shipping and it's really hard to do it and it's honestly not worth your time if you want to really make money on ebay it's important that you wholesale instead of dropship so I want to go over why drop shipping is so attractive in the first place because I understand why so many people want to dropship and I've felt this way too it seems like you don't have to spend any upfront money and that's because the dream behind drop shipping is that your manufacturer is going to ship the product for you and you're gonna pay them with your customers money it also is attractive because you don't need to send inventory to your house with drop shipping you're sending items directly from the manufacturer to your customer and not to your home first and lastly why drop shipping is so attractive is because the manufacturer does all the work for you and not only do they ship your products for you but if you have an unhappy customer the idea is that your manufacturer is going to do and handle all the returns for you. Now here's the truth about drop shipping very few suppliers that dropship are still in business which means you have a very small selection of products to choose from and also I have tried for years to make money drop shipping and I was never successful now I did make a couple hundred dollars here and there but it never worked out to me consistent profit and ultimately it just didn't work out with a drop shipper either the products were bad the profit margins were too low or I couldn't find enough products that I could drop ship on eBay and finally with drop shipping there's a lot of competition and the reason for this is like I mentioned the last side slide there are a lot of reasons why people want to dropship because it seems so attractive but at the same time there are very few drops shipping suppliers in business so that means a lot of people are selling the same products from the same drop shippers which means you have a ton of competition on eBay so like I said earlier if you're truly interested in making money on eBay I highly recommend that you wholesale products instead of dropship now I included this drop shipping section because a lot of people asked for it and if you're really interested in learning more about drop shipping this next section will help you learn a lot but I just want to re-emphasize this that I have tried for years to make money drop shipping in every way possible and I really don't think it's possible and I know there's a lot of people online that have claimed that they've made thousands of dollars drop shipping but I honestly think they haven't and they're just saying that because they want you to buy their tutorials or ebooks because they know how many people are attracted to the idea of drop shipping so let's move on I'm going to teach you about drop shipping because I think you might be interested but just keep in mind that if you really want to make money wholesaling is the way to go.

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