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Finding Dropshippers

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February 15, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm going to show you what to look for in a dropship supplier and also how to find drop shippers and more specifically I'm going to show you how you can find drop shippers for free how you can find drop shippers using a paid database and also what dropshipping databases that are paid that you want to avoid so let's get started so when you're looking for a good drop shipper there's a few things you want to keep an eye out for and the first of all is what is their return policy that's because if you have an unhappy customer that wants to return a product you want to make sure that your drop shipper is going to handle that responsibility and they're gonna do a good job because you want to make sure your customers are satisfied and if that drop shipper doesn't really have a clear return policy it most likely means that in the case of one of your customers wanting to return something they're gonna do a poor job they're gonna make them wait a while or they're not going to return the product at all so it's very important that you look for a drop shipper with a clear return policy and make sure it's a good one too the next thing you want to look for is high quality images in description and this will save you a ton of time because you really need those high quality images in order to sell your products on eBay and if they don't provide high quality images then you're gonna have to buy the products yourself from the drop shipper and then take high quality images at your own home or place the business and that's very time consuming and in most cases unless you have the right photography equipment you won't be able to take as high quality photos. As they could if they had professionals do it and also you want to look for droplet shipping suppliers that have product descriptions and that'll just save you a lot of time because then you don't have to write product descriptions for each of the products yourself and another thing you want to look for is how many products does that dropship for sell and more specifically how many products do they dropship because a lot of suppliers may dropship only a certain number of products and you want to make sure that that's enough for you so there is no magic number here but let's say for example you find a drop shipper and they have three products that they dropship then if you want to expand your business you're gonna have to start a relationship with new drop shipping suppliers since that's a very limited number as opposed to a drop shipper that may dropship over a hundred products then there's a lot of room for you to expand you also want to look for the profit margin so you want to ask yourself that question how much money am I really making here and when you add up all the fees unfortunately in most cases it's not that much when you dropship but it's something that you want to ask yourself other things you want to look for is what do they charge for shipping a lot of times drop shippers will charge you a shipping cost that's more than the postage itself and that's because they're taking on the hassle of shipping the product for you and on top of that many drop shippers add on a drop shipping fee so you just want to make sure you know all the costs before you start to do business with a drop shipper so now you're probably wondering where do I find these drop shippers well there's a few places you can go to you can do a google search and that's a great free option if you have an idea of the type of product you want to sell you can use wholesale form com and that's a place where you can just browse and find drop shippers and that's good if you don't have an idea of any type of product you want to sell and then worldwide brands is an option and what worldwide brands is is it's a database of a lot of different drop shipping suppliers and it's not perfect there are a lot of complaints about it but when it comes to database is full of drop shippers it is the best one that I know exists and it's a one-time fee of around three hundred dollars. So it is very pricey but if you're really serious about drop shipping that's an option for you to find the right suppliers and lastly you want to avoid middleman such as doba or salehoo and what these middlemen do is they claim to make it extremely easy on you so you sign up for their membership and you then have access to thousands of products from all these different whole drop shippers and then they dropship are sorry then you can easily dropship any of those products yourself and you don't have to contact a manufacturer directly so it's in a very attractive offer but the truth is there is no money to be made because with the middleman such as do or sale heal your be paying so much just to buy the product itself that you're not gonna have a profit margin and I've tried on Doba for half a year trying to make money on it and although I sold like two or three products it was a complete waste of time and I really don't believe there's any money to be made it's borderline scam even though it is possible to make money and I would just strongly urge you to stay away from any paid databases besides worldwide brands calm so now let's take a look at what this looks like so I just opened up all those resources for you so the first thing here is here's dobos website so this is just so you got a feel for what these things are sorry what these middlemen are so don't do Doba sale he was a really common one they say you get access to over 8,000 suppliers and 1.6 million products and it says that genuine wholesale prices but that's really not true you're not making enough money and it's really just a waste of time so I'm gonna get rid of those two and now let's get serious so Google is great like I said if you have the idea of a type of product you want to sell so what I've been thinking about is wrought iron so you can type in wrought iron drop shipper and this is a great example of one that comes up right on here so we can click on that and here they have a lot of information about how they dropship what you need and how you can get in contact with them their catalog and they have their drop shipping account application and they also have their return policy right up here so although it's not a great return for all that policy it's good to know upfront what their policy is so if you're interested in drop shipping wrought-iron this is one way to do it and let's say that you didn't find a drop shipper right on the first one you can keep scrolling down and just looking through and seeing if you find a good drop shipper another option you can do is if you don't have an idea the type of product you want to sell you can go to wholesale form comm and click on the drop shipping section and here is just a bunch of different drop shippers that you can use so if any of these products seem interesting to you. You can simply open it up and they usually give you a few options to choose from that's strange I see in this one they didn't have one here we go so here's an example of another website that drop ships so you just want to play around with these links and see if you find anything that interests you so although this is more time-intensive it is completely free and like I said just a great way if you don't know which type of product you want to sell and one thing to keep in mind here is the flag show you where the drop shipper is located so if you're in the US you're gonna want to find another drop shipper that's in the US because then the shipping costs are going to be much lower and it's much easier to ship something within the same country that you live in and as you can see they have a few different countries here so you just want to play around with that and keep an eye out for the flag and then lastly if you want to pay for a database worldwide brands is the best way to go and you can find them at worldwide brands com they have a lot of free information that'll help you be successful drop shipping so you may be wondering what's the difference between worldwide brands and a middleman like Doba and the difference is worldwide brands connects you to the drop shipping companies but that's it they don't do any more of the work for you how dobo works is as soon as you're a member you instantly have access to of products and you can simply place an order on doba and that product will be drop shipped to whoever you want worldwide brands doesn't act like that they'll give you the contact information for any drop shipping company that you're interested in but you're gonna have to contact that drop shipping company directly and create a relationship with them so in a way worldwide brands just helps facilitate connections with drop shipping suppliers but you have to do the rest yourself now $300 is a lot for this database so I'd only recommend purchasing this if you're really serious about drop shipping and like I mentioned in earlier video I would highly recommend against drop shipping and I would wholesale instead but if your diehard into the idea of drop shipping this would be the place to do it

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