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INTRO: How to Make Money Online - The $5000 / Month Passive Income Business Plan

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February 23, 2021

I: Introduction

A: How to make money online from home

1. Many people want to make money online but they do not know how to start or what to do.

2. If you want to make money online then you should join the internet business plan that we offer at and read our free e-book "How to Make Money Online: The $5000/month Passive Income Business Plan."

3. You can make money online by starting your own website for your business if you know how to make a website, or you can hire someone to build you one.

4. When you have your website (or blog) up and running you can begin marketing the products of affiliate programs on your site. You can earn commissions on products you sell on your site.

5. You can also earn commissions by referring people on your site to other businesses who are looking for affiliates (people like you). When someone clicks on one of your links on your site and purchases a product, you get a commission on the sale.

6. With some of the programs you will find you can even get paid for referring people who never purchase anything related to the program. For example at Google Adsense you get paid every time someone views the ad on your site. It does not matter if they purchase anything!

II: Body

A: Intro: How to Make Money Online - The $5000 / month Passive Income Business Plan

1. The $5000 / month passive income business plan is the plan that I recommend for anyone who wants to start making money online. It's easy, simple, and just plain works! It's very similar to the plan in the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. It consists of three parts: Cash flow, asset building, and diversification. I'll explain each in detail in this section.

2. Part 1: Cash Flow - This is making money in an active way through your websites or through affiliate programs. This is what most people think of when they think of making money online. The biggest problem is that it takes a lot of money to start this way. You need to buy or build a website, pay for web hosting, pay for advertising, pay for an email list, pay for autoresponders, pay for direct mail advertising, pay for list building software, pay for call center staff, spend time writing articles, etc. There are many costs involved here and it all adds up quickly! That's why my strategy is so great - it's cheap! You don't have to spend any money at all! I'll explain more about how I do it in part 3 below.

3. Part 2: Asset Building - This is where my program is great! You build up an asset that you can sell later for more than what you bought it for! Some folks will tell you that building an asset is risky and that it may take a long time and may not be worth it! They say that instead you should just put your money in a savings account and let it collect interest over time! Well I'll tell ya - I've tried it their way and it doesn't work! Maybe someone else can succeed with it but I don't think so! That's why I follow the Rich Dad Poor Dad method of investing in assets instead of cash deposits like savings accounts or CDs (Certificates of Deposit). The other issue is that with interest rates at record lows these days banks won't pay much interest on your money no matter how much you have! Having said that, if you absolutely cannot come up with $500 then just use this tactic and save half of your profits into a bank savings account at least until you get enough to build an asset with! Then go back to saving everything into the bank after that! Also please note that we're not talking about investing in stocks or bonds or anything like that here. We're talking about building an asset such as a website or a blog or an ebook or a DVD or something like that which has real value! It's important to understand the difference between these two types of investments! Here's a good article about the difference in perspective in building a business versus a passive income business:

4. Part 3: Diversification - You need to diversify your investment opportunities because you never know when one particular idea will fail! That's why I follow this simple rule: invest in 10 different things at once! Buy yourself 10 domain names using our service at and pay for 10 months in advance so you can get them all for just $39 per domain! That's just $39 x 10 = $390 total. Buy yourself 10 sites at or or and pay for them in advance for 10 months so you can get them all for just $9 per site x 10 = $90 total! In addition buy yourself 10 different ebooks from or or so you have 10 different ebooks to sell on your websites at $27 each x 10 = $270 total! Now if one of these sites fails, if one of the books fails, or if one of your domains gets taken down because someone uses some kind of automated program to "Google bomb" it (google bomb means they search Google for every word in your domain name plus some negative words like "sucks" and "scam" and then they post links to those pages on forums trying to stop people from visiting your site), then you've still got 9 others that are still working fine and earning you money every month! So that gives you quite a bit of protection against failure of any one thing!

III: Conclusion

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