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What is website hosting & why you need to buy it

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : So this lecture is for beginners and I'm going to explain what is website posting you guys all know what a domain is right so this lecture again this may be too basic for you but some people need it so introduction everybody name you know xyz.com but what is hosting many people do get confused especially if it's your first time building a website people do get confused and hosting is actually simple because your domain name is just your domain name but it's not you know the domain name redirects to a computer basically it's a computer it's kind of called a server whatever that has the files of your website and serves up all those files through the web browser ok and you may ask well if you'd say usually it's paid you have to pay for it a little bit it's true but just about all sites pay for hosting the only sites that don't pay for hosting is if you make up you know if your URL is something like your domain name.com it's your domain name you got to pay for your hosting if you if your domain name is something like XYZ your business that wordpress.com see your hosting on WordPress it just looks it's free for you but it's unprofessional right because your XYZ that wordpress.com so it doesn't look as good so my recommendation is everybody should get hosting i buy hosting everybody that I know there has a real you know builded bruiser business ultimately they pay back they buy their hosting and this is cheap it's a few dollars a month and you get a lot because you might ask well if it's a computer that serves files why don't I just do it from my own computer and in theory you could but the problem is that you know you've got to install all the security software you gotta do maintenance on it you got like updated god there's so many things there's different software so for a few dollars a month you outsource it to a hosting company and they have a dedicated team for this they're professionals they know what they're doing like how do I wouldn't know what they're doing it's something that essentially everybody how sources these days especially with WordPress hosting because it's so ubiquitous because WordPress you know empowers just about 20% of it all the sites on the internet WordPress is about is behind about 20% of them so it's you know it's much easier to just for a few dollars a month you get you get the hosting company do they care about these things for you and you get the focus on your business which is ideal right because it's hard enough to focus on your business so that's why you need website hosting there's a few companies that provide web site hosting I don't speak we like to recommend one company over another because I'm not affiliated with them and I don't want you to feel like I'm selling you I do have a video which shows how to get a domain name for free I mean I I probably might link to it after this lecture but again be most hosting companies do approximately the same thing for approximately same price any reputable one will probably do and that's that's pretty much it for hosting it's something you know if this was a really beginner lecture you probably you know if you were you know if he knew about it was worthwhile those people let's just keep this lecture so let's just move on to the next off.

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