Pros & Cons of Web Hosting (2020)

Pros and cons of buying hosting and domains in different places

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : I want to mention that sometimes you can buy your domain name and your posting in from the same company or you can buy them from separate companies what are the pros and cons so where I buy do I actually buy domain names and hosting in different companies I buy domain names and because I've always done that and they have great deals like I can you can literally buy domain for $1.00 or you know if it's your first year if it's your first domain so often hosting companies give you a free domain if you get their posting but because I really have the means for me just easier because all my domains are managed in gold ENCOM and I can get them for like a dollar even though they lose the prices like twelve or thirteen which is not an expensive thing on you but if you get them all from one company you don't have to configure them because there is a configuration step which is a little bit cumbersome and confusing if you get them from two different companies because you have to actually play around with the settings and for many people who for whom it's their first website they have to contact support and do this it's a little bit confusing it's still confusing for me because they only do this kind of rarely you know every month like once a web site right and I don't setup tyranny I go and set up that me on your website so I do this rarely maybe once a year maybe once every two years so I forget how to do it so every time it's a kind of new and so it's kind of an annoying one-time thing that you do in the beginning is basically configure the main and the hosting if you bottom and different companies so those are the considerations kind of you know buying them different companies or this hand.

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