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Using the Yoast SEO plugin to do the rest of your pages

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : Hi there so I want to show you in this video how I manage SEO for each individual page this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy for your home page which is the page that supposed to ring for some of your main keywords but here we'll just talk about each individual page how that's done because that's done with the plugin SEO by yoast you see that here where I'm pointing my mouse SEO by yoast is the top SEO plugin it is free of course they have a paid extra they have extra paid features but you can get a lot there for free and I use the free one and I recommend that even though I am not affiliated with those guys so I just recommend it because it's good they don't pay me to promote or anything like that anyway let's get right into it when you download and activate this plugin it creates this little extra area it's actually labeled WordPress SEO by Yoast and you see and it ends right here and it gives you like pay a lot of stuff page analytics advanced stuff but let's just talk about the general because for like 90 percent of your use you're just gonna have the general stuff and in this article it's the title is first time entrepreneur image mistakes okay and mistakes made by young entrepreneurs so those are the kind of SEO keywords I'm going for and you can see that it tells me you see this little character limit it tells me exactly how many characters I'm allowed in my title this is this is the title meta tag for this page and this is the meta description meta tag for this page and these are these things are gonna be controlling a lot of your SEO so you can see if I type extra here it's gonna tell me I'm over limit and you can see that because it's telling me how much I can type I was able to make squeeze just as many keywords as possible into this title so you can see intrapreneur mistakes first time intrapreneur mistakes made by entrepreneurs plural see that and this is singular so I was able to do have a lot of variation here on the same kind of topic so targeting a lot of longtail searches and here I get to expand right you can see the characters that I'm allowed right I'm allowed 160 160 characters and if I go over it will tell me that I have a limit so basically these are in a very very important field what else is important is you know they tell you this focus keyword and they base a lot of their internal processing on that but really the most important things by far is this SEO title and Meta Description and with that you just set that and when you update the blog post it it it automatically updates your title and meta descriptions and then your your SEO for each page you have to do this for each page individually this will be different for each of your pages and it will be set and you'll be well positioned to get SEO traffic.

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