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Installing your domain, php and Wordpress on your hosting

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : Once you successfully add the names nameservers to wherever you bought your domain you also have to add the domain to wherever your hosting company is right so what happens is this is so this is my hosting company yaps comm yours may be different yours is probably different because yaps is not the most popular hosting site out there but with what I did is you know you go to domains and you add a domain somewhere in here DNS manager you add a domain to the DNS manager whatever you know your interface may be different because obviously this is a different company but it's the same sort of a process so DNS manager and the domain and this is the form that my company gives me and you can see you know this is where you have the domain name served name servers and basically you add the domain blah blah blah but you have add your real domain and essentially you would set it once you set that then you have to install software on your domain right in the way that I in my hosting company yaps and yours may be different and by the way let me just tell you that whatever your hosting company is this is kind of a one-time process and usually I forget like I maybe do this every year or two years right one time and I forget how to do this to be honest so this is an instance where you should contact your support contact the tech support of your company whoever your hosting provider is and just ask them how to you know ask them for guidance see mine has a chat you can literally chat with them right here and they'll walk you through it or you can do it on the phone so basically um you want to add your domain to the DNS manager and then you want to add start in you know add added to your basic you know I'll show you in a second how how to start installing stuff on it when in my case of II apps you know and you don't need to follow how I'm doing this exactly because this is specific this is not specific to WordPress this is specific to my hosting company and yours may be different like I said but what happens is you basically have to install you will see I have WordPress somewhere here WordPress and I click to the and basically I just double clicked it I'm gonna cancel I have WordPress and I already installed it but for you basically you you have to navigate once you set you setup your domain and you can get your tech support to help you with this because it's a little bit confusing you have to install WordPress also what has to be installed is PHP because PHP works on your work you know WordPress is based on PHP song in your hosting you must install PHP and WordPress and my recommendation honestly is to get tech support to help you because it's too confusing and it's a one-time thing and it's not something you're gonna need regularly you set it once and you kind of forget it so I would and actually to be honest I did this myself because I'm not you know I did it I forgot how to do this within my hosting companies you can see there's a lot of options it's very confusing so I actually got tech support to walk me through it because I'm not an expert you know I know WordPress but this has nothing to do with that this is this is the actual site of where I buy my hosting and all I have to do is install my domain install WordPress on it and install PHP and then WordPress and once you do that once WordPress is installed this is what you should see this is the this is your website okay and it's the most basic website so this is a wordpress this is the default WordPress theme it's got the default text and once you get through the step now we are ready to actually start building your WordPress website because your WordPress is installed and we're ready to do actual WordPress things so if you get to this stuff congratulations if you don't get to the step and you're confused contact your hosting companies tech support and you are and if you know you might actually have to contact your domain registrar tech support but you have to get to this point where you this is your number one most default WordPress installation and from here we can do WordPress things and so again just to sum up if you're here congratulations build the WordPress things if you're not here contact your tech support and make sure that you get here and get the domain get the name servers forwarded to your hosting and then once and only hosting install your domain and on that domain install WordPress get peach install PHP and WordPress and then once you do that correctly you should see something like this and then we are ready to go and we are ready to setup your WordPress website.

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