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Installing free or paid themes

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : now that we're making our way through how our layout and things like that would look we should focus on appearance right and of course we focus on appearance with widgets and things like that but themes are probably the single biggest factor in how our sites will look like and you see here this is a default configuration of WordPress and it comes with a few very very very basic themes and you can easily activate any of them now none of them are actually that great this is the default one it's okay um you can see they're very basic and they all do essentially the same thing they have a banner they have a blog area and they have a cup a right hand column and they're kind of very similar in this right so let's so you can use this like I use this in one of my blogs I actually use the default thing and I don't really care too much about it you know I don't know that a lot of my users really care but it is but at the same time it's by far not optimal so what is optimal so first of all let's look at some free free wordpress themes okay they are a little nicer right so you can see many of them have the same concept you know you can go for example let's try but this one doesn't but let's try for example this one more info and you can see how it would look like um same idea banner right side you know main area so not a big difference right so many of them have got a very similar thing like this one's different because you see this one the menu is more prominent than the banner then you have some images so it's a little different you have to be careful also when you have images like this because sometimes some of the themes they look much worse if you don't have images for every blog post and you know you might get lazy at times and you may not want to have an image in your blog post but then it will kind of mess up how the rest of your theme will look like and some so some themes kind of kind of force you into almost it's not a requirement but almost a requirement to have a theme to have an image because otherwise your post won't look as good your blog completely right - imagine if this had a picture this had a picture but this had no picture so it would just look a little bit unbalanced so for that reason you know that's something to kind of keep in mind um so these are the free no no this is like a nice free theme you would end up putting your own sort of like banner in there and this is a scrollable thing you can see that you can not have just one image but have this kind of it's a slider so you can click you would be able to click that and have that be a slider so there's a little bit more going on here and at the same time still it's not you know it's not it's not like tremendous tremendous improvement you do get really awesome themes if you pay because you know and paid themes they're not terribly expensive so for example there is this theme force that Nets a pretty popular site and I kind of went and researched see it's only $58 this theme you know very affordable not gonna just kill you right I mean you wanna prefer free but the same time $15 is okay so what happens here is this is an e-commerce site right so here which you want ecommerce you don't want just a blog you want something extra and when I click this live preview I got this right and now this is a cool site look at this you know you have categories of products and look how cool it is like you can mouse over and like you have all these different things the popups and you can I don't know what happens here if I click that yay products pages so there's a lot more that goes into you know and the things slide in and out and you have so many categories it's pretty amazing actually so if you're gonna do commerce if you know like a full-fledged store then this is like a pretty amazing and pretty nice-looking you know ecommerce website right whatever you know you this will be not so easy to configure because there's a lot of bells and whistles here but at the same time you will get a very professional looking site and what you do configure it you're ready to start selling like you know you have a you have a store and it's pretty good you know it's good to have a store so that's the range of themes you know first I would consider whether the default one is okay for you most people don't go with the default one if now take a look at any of the free ones if they you know kind of feel nice to you or you know feel like they might be a good that they might be sufficient for your blog like this is you know let's say business one so let's see preview let's see you know let's just see how this stuff looks you know it's clean here you have a clean menu and here you have blog posts same sort of idea right as that original what's X out of that so it's kind of the same idea as even they're very basic theme but at the same time you know you kind of maybe let's take a look at this one free preview so this one is a little different because the menu is on top you got more room for a picture and then you have more things going on here but at the same time you see this is for content and it's just basic basic functionality basically just browsing content reading so ultimately not a lot of difference it's about design and the field but in terms of functionality it's not a tremendous amount of difference so that's pretty much it for you know and the way you would if you bought one if you bought let's say for example this one and I have no affiliation with these guys so I'm not recommending that you buy it but let's say if you bought it they'd let you download you bought it and they put you downloaded in your area here you would upload a theme see that you have you can do install themes and it would sort of let you upload you can upload it you can do it from the web and you can kind of just install it and then activate it and then you ready to go then then the picture here this picture that you will get sorry it's actually here this is our post we're working on you know it will cheat so the design will change and things like that but essentially the functionality will stay the same so that's pretty much four themes and that's how you manage themes and you know you just want to browse themes in theme forests see if you have any cool themes because you can have see if you got WordPress and whatever your site is let's say the score / of corporate great click corporate let's click corporate if it's like a business thing let's see a little bit too cluttered for my you know but it looks professional it looks like I designed there one in there professionally again it doesn't give you a whole lot of new functionality but it just looks like the design is professional it's slick okay so you get some of that sleekness let's see what else you might get WordPress the team entertainment ones are typically like very nice and beautiful I think they should be seen then you got that stuff let's see what else it's made before mobile absolutely nothing too exciting that I've seen so far creative maybe something interesting you know again you know you're gonna have to yeah this is kind of cool but again same thing you're gonna have to you know there's a menu there's you know customizable images you have to do let's take a look at how this would look like like preview I mean this is cool right I mean you'd have to have your own sort of image because a lot of these that you you'll have to customize them at a lot a lot and then you have your main things you're selling which is very nice more things you're selling so this is I mean it's kind of more optimized for conversion you when you want people to take some action like we want you to buy their services or whatever so it depends what your site is so your site can be commerce it can be maybe getting people to reach out to you or it can be just a blog like where you actually just want people to consume content and so depending on that you have to figure out what theme is right for your business.

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