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Making pages and posts

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : hi there so this is exciting because we've just set up our WordPress and we are ready to get started most likely if you've installed WordPress the default way you're gonna have a page like this with your domain name and slash WP - login that that PHP and the login here is the login that you set up during your WordPress setup and you should be able to log in here once you log in here you're gonna get - this is the dashboard alright and let's go to the really home page of the dashboard and you basically see this right and it kind of tells you what to do you know customize your site what to do next right and you know they suggest to write your first blog post why don't we start there and it's in this red tab right here in posts and I'm gonna explain to you what happens here so there is well actually let's not go to posts because I want to explain to you there's two kinds of pages we can make posts and pages and let's talk just really briefly about the simple difference between them posts are very most are the most common kind of thing it's every time you write a blog post that's a post the the post usually appear in a reverse like chronological order so the first one will be displayed as the last one and the most recent one will always be displayed as the most recent right and then as you write more blog posts they will push down the older ones that's posts but what if you don't want to have something pushed down right like let's say your about page or you just want to link to some page that's static for that you have pages and you make them in approximately the same way so for example I'm going to show you this is my freshly installed WordPress installation right you see everything has a default like I didn't touch it right it's just an installation it's a hello world my blog these are all things I hadn't set it's set by WordPress and what we're going to do is we actually already have a post right so this post that says hello world that's a post and I'm going to show you we can edit that and we can say something better you can say this is the first post well this is not necessarily better but I'll show you what happens you update that and the blog gets a new title right see that now what happens if we make another and by the way we'll change this later to actually be the first post once we have a first good post but if you want to have a new post you go add new and you say second post and you say hello now not the greatest post in the world but okay and then publish and see what happens here now we'll have two posts second post is appearing first and this is the original post frame and then we want to make a page page and I'm going to add new you can actually you can actually just mouse over here well here add new and you know we will need the about Us page right about page and this will be the about page and you can publish it so we can publish this page and you see that it shows up here but we're gonna structure this menu area soon and we're gonna structure it differently for now you know that's where we're press put it but generally we have more control or we have some you know it's generally made for to have more control about where to put these static kinds of pages we can put them in the footer in here in the menu but we'll get there so.

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