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Google services actually slowing down your site

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's cover a relatively controversial topic because even though Google says hey we need you to make your website faster and we're gonna reward you with tight you know force for your site speed by giving you higher ranking Google is guilty of having a lot of their own products slowing down your site this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. and so it's a controversy right on the one hand they say they say to avoid something, on the other hand, they are guilty to a large degree on it because there's a lot of products that Google uses or provides that decrease your page speed, for example, some of the common things people use our Google Analytics Adsense in case you are displaying ads for monetization in case you embed YouTube videos there are issues with those slowing you down and I'll show you literally evidence of that from Google reports and in case you are running ad ok any kind of ad retargeting with Facebook or Facebook ads or AdWords retargeting and you have the pixel installed then it also slows down your site and they all slow things down differently and in some parts of the courses on this course I'm gonna explain how to mitigate those issues but of course the less of these you have the better for example if you show less ads it's better.

If you have less YouTube videos it's better now let me actually show you Google site speed reports with literally them complaining about these these things slowing down the page load speed this is a google report of my home page and as you can see there's a lot of things they're complaining about but some but I'll show you some of the things some of the offenders that are related to Google and it's not just Google for example you can mouse over you and you can see let me actually make it bigger for you so it's easy for you to you can see that for example this pop-up is downloads that MailChimp MailChimp calm which means that it's a pop-up it's the email pop-up that comes up so some of these are basically it's just the more things you have on your site the more little libraries the more feature is just the slower it's going to be because it just adds bulk but in this case what we want to look at as Google issues so some things that Google causes here are let's say image related things and I'll show you that here we have a little area says surf images in next-gen format and what we have here is a list of images that they are complaining about some of the images are my fault some of them are not for example these images are actually not images necessarily on my site but these are images from YouTube you see it's i dot YT IMG youtube image and these are basically if you have default images that you uploaded to your YouTube videos you see those images that covered the YouTube video they actually take up a little bit of time to come up ok so like literally so they're complaining about this and if you're not sure what I'm talking about I'll show you what they are the things that you that it's complaining about as you see these images on the YouTube videos these are like a you know an image that I uploaded so that the video looks professional and this is an it's the preview kind of image it's not part of the video itself but it's the preview image and these preview images are going to take take up time on you too for your site to load so one thing you can do is maybe have less of them or when you upload them to YouTube you want to minimize and compress these images as well is that that's important but at the same time even if you compress them they're still going to take a little bit of time to up to come up the one thing you really want to consider is are all the elements that you have on your site are all of them really necessary that's really the first thing because you can always condense your page and that the smaller pages that's the most common-sense thing that you can do to improve things on your site for example you know I have like this block of text you see this generating a business ad and choosing a business niche and I have a lot of things going on now I have this little light bulb does it really add much well not tremendously but it's an image that has to come that has to get fetched this video has it's an image that has to get fetched so in this one area I've got two images that need to get fetched and if I just give it a light bulb that would make my site a tiny tiny tiny bit faster but faster so you kind of just have to use common sense we need it when you're designing and planning your site to make sure that all the culprits aren't damaging your site now I'm actually gonna show you another problem area on a different page of mine where the complaint is about Google Ads this is a page of mine that's a Content site and you can see it's basically on the left side you can see what's going on on this page it's basically just content yeah I have an ad here and a lot of content just written content a little bit of images I've reduced the size of the images but you can we'll still be able to tell what Google is complaining about page conversion that j/s and this is from Google ad services you see that you can literally see it right on the URL here okay that's from serving ads and if you didn't have ads on your site boom it would make your site a little faster because they're complaining that that's a problem so you see I've shown you a lot of examples where these things take up look take upload speed in different ways and now you understand basically now when you're designing your site always keep in mind that every little thing you add every service you add will slow down your site and it will incrementally hurt your side load speed now if you just add one or two or three things per page that's a problem it's not that bad not that bad and usually there are some things you can add that just are you know slow you down by a tiny tiny tiny bit and you can stand you can add a lot of those kinds of things but every once in a while you'll see that there are some services that really slow things down for you and hold up everything else by a couple of seconds and just by getting rid of one of those doing and you can identify those during the debugging process just by getting rid of one of those you can speed up your pages a lot and that's really what you want to look for is like the very highly offending things like the services you use on your page on your pages that slow you down a lot and but getting rid of one or two of those you'll speed your site up dramatically while being able to retain a lot of other things so for example the YouTube videos they don't slow you down that much just a tiny bit especially if you compress the preview images so that can be okay then you look for next things and next things and you always see how can you mitigate those offenders offending things and if you can admit agait t'aime just reduce them on your site or get rid of them.

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