Page optimization strategy

Page optimization prioritization strategy

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: If you use google analytics which is an industry-standard this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. here's how I recommend prioritizing your sites of course you have the acquisition tab you click the acquisition and what we care about here is search so we're going to go into search and inside search what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at where people are landing on your site so what you want to do is click on the secondary dimension behavior and destination page when you get to this page what you will see is your most popular pages here are mine for you obviously it will be different and you can go right here here I have a list of 121 pages that are browsed by people so I am going to you know go to 250 and just see them all and what I recommend that you do is two things of course you should optimize you know if you have hundreds of pages you can optimize them all so first thing you would do is think of something that's happening global do you have some kind of global CSS global header image global anything that may be slowing things down and if you can fix the global problem it will fix it it will make all your pages faster that's number one now what also you want to do is consider the pages since you cannot go page by page by page if you have like five or ten or twenty pages that's fine but what if you have hundreds of pages it's really hard to go page by page it will take you too long and it will be not practical anymore so the strategy is just go and already update optimize some of your existing pages that are already ranking essentially what you're gonna be doing is doubling down on the winners and then think of what are your very very lucrative pages because some pages for you will make more money than other pages for example place it pages where you sell products or sell something directly they will sell they will probably make more for you than others or pages that get you a lot of traffic and then you can promote whatever else maybe there's so much traffic that ads monetize whatever you know your site best so the strategy is don't waste your time on all the pages if you have too many but pick your most highly trafficked and most lucrative ones and those are the pages you want to start optimizing and going down down down and as priority decreases then you might have other things you need to do for your business or your website and so you don't have to optimize everything but as priority as you get other things out of the way in your business priority will come back to increasing the speed of your less popular pages and so you'll in time increase the speed of all of them.

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