How to enable compression and gzip for page speed

Enabling compression

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about another thing you can do to make your site more optimized and one of the suggestions here is this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. enable compression hmm what is this it's a little bit technical let's look at how to fix this there's a link here for enabling compression and it shows you how compressing these certain in files will help you in reducing the file sizes right and there's different different compression right like some things are not even hosted on your server javascript files style files all kinds of things and what you want to do is enable compression now what happens is it's a setting that you would choose on your server now if we take a look here some things you cannot help for example if some things are hosted on other sites you can't really help it but things that are hosted on your own site right you can then enable compression now that this in this permission is adjusted on a server level and it's a little bit too technical even for me so what my solution is if you have a web person that works with you you ask them to enable this for you basically name enabling compression for those files like your CSS files your image files if you don't have a web guy like in my case I don't have a web guy what you do is you email your hosting provider and their tech support and you ask them to help you with that you basically ask them can you please help me in like literally just paste it in there help me enable compression for the following files and they will set that setting for you in your in your servers settings if you're comfortable playing around with your server settings and of course be careful because you can change some things that are dangerous and then you can mess up a lot of things so if you're not confident in it don't do it but do provide the commentation for how to do it and they provides sample examples for the most common types of servers that are set up again if you're not too confident in this I would let professionals handle this even though you might be smart enough and technical enough first this is gonna take a lot of research time that you don't need to be wasting but second is I be personally I'm afraid of making some mistakes so I'd rather get support to help me and just be done with it but this is essentially something you can easily do email support enable compression and you will immediately have a faster uploading files on your site.

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