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Caching plugins for WordPress

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: If you're using WordPress you're in luck because there is a fantastic plugin called the w3 cache plugin this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. that helps the site speed load of your WordPress site because when you first look up the install WordPress you might notice it's a little bit slow and this helps it speed it up so basically when you're in your tab of your plugins you click on add new right here and you search for w3 cache it's gonna come up like this for me you see it says update now because I already have it in your case is going to say download and then after you make make sure you download it make sure you install it and so you're going to have it and you should actually see an immediate boost in site load speed of your WordPress site now you'll also see here the things that will naturally come up are things that also help you with minifying things like you know if you really like search for meaning if I right so you got a lot of these things help to minify stuff also your HTML it's JavaScript some things even promised to minify your emoticons whatever so if you use you can immediately get the minifying as well and if you don't have a wordpress website and if you let's say have a drupal or something else then you basically search on drupal or whatever you have you search for plugins to help you with the caching if you do not have those if you just made a website from scratch then of course you have to implement the caching on your own and you have to implement the minifying you're on your own manually but most of the time people just you know for small business owners we just use wordpress and other things like drupal and other you know CMS systems so we don't have to do it manually we just have these plugins we can use but also if you doing it manually all you have to do is just how do you know like I also in the course I show you how to minify manually so you'll still get a lot of the benefits of this if you if you do it manually in the course.

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