How can I compress the size of a JPEG

Compression to reduce image size

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's take a look at how to resize and make your image even smaller this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. so let's click right away to this compress image and for some reason you see that it takes us from this site resize image that net to they have a special thing for you know compress image that whatever so you upload your image that very same image that will be messing around with you see that this is the one the 3 16 KB and what's going to happen is let's give it a 60% let's say and you can also play around with these different compression methods and it's up to you but let's see give it 60% and we're going to compress and it's gonna say give us it's asking for a few seconds and it's going to say hey okay we did from 3 it's almost twice smaller now let's see what happens if we give it 50% we're gonna say compressing images and it's going to ask us to wait a few seconds and it's gonna give us Wow even a little bit smaller you see so you kind of have a like you know reducing benefits here you didn't reduce it by this much so there's an issue of you know making sure that your image size remains quality enough for your website now this begins to take more of a importance than just having you know us just a little bit tiny bit more space because remember we did like this reduction I mean represents almost a ten-time we've reduced the image to almost 10 times less than the original size was so this is quite a bit smaller so if this works for you in terms of how it still appears you can upload it to your site you can download it right here and then upload it to your site and then boom your image will be ten times smaller and it will upload that much faster and then if you do this for all of your images it will just upload wave the whole set the whole page will upload way faster and it will work to your advantage.

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