Google AdSense and page load InfoGraphic

Google AdSense and page load speed InfoGraphic

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to show you what Google calls the ultimate Google mobile PageSpeed infographic or I guess it's the ultimate according to Google and this is official from Google this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. let's go over some of the statistics that it shows us it says 19 seconds is the average load time for mobile sites on a 3G connection came and 77% of the site's take more than 10 seconds that's really slow usually the total size of the page is 2.5 megabyte and 214 is the average number of server requests per every per every time you load a page there's 214 things that need to be loaded from different places images CSS whatever we don't care about that this much here's what we do care about your ad sees that your your ad revenue and if you don't serve ads you don't need to think about this as ads only but whatever you are trying to get your visitors to do they're gonna do more if you see according to Google twice more revenues earned by sites that load within 5 seconds so you should just take the 5 seconds as a benchmark for yourself and boom you're gonna be increasing the revenue or engagement or whatever else you need your visitors to do now 5 seconds is a good benchmark but also an even better way to think about it is that the faster your site is no matter how incrementally faster equally incrementally will you earn more money and get more engagement to whatever your site needs to do ok faster means more money doesn't matter if you're running ads doesn't matter what you're trying to do faster is better that's the benchmark you already knew that but you can you see that there's you can just keep on pushing and guess what you know I'm sure that if even though they don't show this here sites that load in 4 seconds or in 3 seconds do even better 70 percent longer sessions are observed this means that people stay on your side and browse the rest of your site 70 percent more then obviously if they got tired or annoyed and they left okay because 53 percent of the mobile visits are abandoned okay if pages take longer than three seconds so three seconds is a fantastic benchmark next level benchmark because then right away you know you're gonna be getting a lot more people to stay lower bounce rates more page views that means people browsing more page views after the initial page where they land and here is more interesting data fifty percent of people expect a page to load in less than two seconds now keep in mind that thing that people see is just the stuff that they see above default so your page can keep on loading but it's important that at least the stuff above the above the fold is seen within a couple of seconds that gives them the first impression it means you're you know you're up to date with your technology and your website is not neglected and they're more likely to browse and go on don't make your visitors wait don't make them frustrated and according to this official data released from Google you're just gonna have a tremendous amount more engagement and revenue.

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