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Course Welcome And Instructor Introduction And How To Become An Entrepreneur

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Hi there and welcome to the course my name is Alex and I'll be your instructor I'm specifically excited about this course because this course is personal for me because I started as a software engineer I got a computer science degree I worked for a few years as an engineer and you know I like engineering I like programming I like the problem-solving I totally kicked out on it but something felt missing for me because whenever I used to be in business meetings any kind of business conversations even though those business people maybe they're wrong maybe they're right I always felt a little bit of an insecurity myself about I just had no idea what they were talking about I would go to like a marketing meeting at my job and my programming manager would encourage me like hey or this business meeting learn about our business and I go there and they would like speak Greek and whenever they had ideas I'm like hmm I that totally came out of the blue for me like I had no idea this was even possible and I always felt like I as a programmer wasn't learning everything about the business.

I was just sitting at my desk and it's a respectable job and I felt respected and of course, during had a good salary but I thought like really I wasn't given like I wasn't able to participate in the whole business and I only was in a little part of it and it was not too filling for that reason and I always wanted more so when I went home I have my own ideas I always have my own ideas right as an intelligent person as an engineer you have your own ideas how to make software ideas for an app ideas for this idea for that but you don't know if it's good because you don't know the business all of it and that that was my struggle like I didn't know the business of it and it took me actually a long time before I could figure out how to make money from things how to promote things how to structure things the right way and I went to a lot of my own growing pains as an entrepreneur as a transition from programmer and my first product.

We're actually technical products that I made that were successful and that sort of led me to have like a little bit of you know business career and now I've been in business for myself for the last seven years and I haven't had to have a job or a contractor job as a programmer for a while the transition wasn't easy but in this course, I'll actually explain to you how to make it less painful and how to really be able to have more fulfilment with your engineering work on your own project more and have your project to be more successful and actually become legitimate businesses and not just things you're kind of excited about you have an idea but you don't know how to do it so that you never pursue your ideas so with this course you'll be able to pursue your technical ideas your business ideas and you'll get more fulfilment from your work because you'll sort of pretend how to fit it more into the grander scheme of things and you'll just be you'll just add that business layer on top of your engineering layer and you'll become like a double threat like you can do anything now so that's the course I'm excited about it and let's get started.

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