Case studies of different websites performance

Case studies of performance of different websites

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, we'll have a little bit of fun and we're gonna go over a bunch of different sites and we're gonna take a look at how they perform and how fast they load and I've chosen a wide variety of sites from new sites to be e-commerce sites to small sites this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. first we're gonna go to Walmart com just a regular big web site and you can see they have pretty bad this is just the homepage pretty bad optimization it took 11 seconds for the first meaningful paint and 30 seconds for the site to be fully interactive I was actually really surprised by that so this is the second time that I ran this tool on their page and actually it was slower the second time and I'm really surprised so I'd be curious if he running from your site would that be different if you run it from your own browser maybe there was something wrong with mine because I'm finding it hard to believe because as you can see they're actually relatively well optimized see they have they're serving images within one and a half seconds they have you know other issues but they're not major issues so I'm not sure why there may be there are some server issues that that we were experiencing with them or on my side but essentially they took a long time to load without any major identified problems now when I go to their any product I I'm not affiliated with this I'm not affiliated with this product but I just chose any product on Walmart and I wanted to see if that loads faster and so there is a six seconds it took it took for the above-the-fold content to load within 6 seconds and then you can see they have other issues like two seconds to load all their images an extra two seconds to load all their style sheets and all that and so they could easily preload an optimize some of their you know CSS requests so there's a lot of optimization that they haven't done and that's surprising because they have a big web team and there's a lot of things that could be so easily easily done that they're just not done they're just not doing so that's very fascinating you'd assume that they would have had it figured out.

Now let's go to something like Pinterest Pinterest this is a Pinterest board and Pinterest has much better optimal performance you see that it took only 3.3 seconds to start loading and they didn't really have any major issues I mean very very minor issues really so Pinterest was quite good let's see the next thing I product from Amazon I just happened to be this is my book but I'm not promoting this book which I just happened to be on this page and I ran the Amazon page and Amazon was pretty ok optimized but as you gonna see they are you know it took them a while to load the images you see the off screen images they didn't load them very quickly and what we're going to sorry I clicked something by accident but what I wanted to show you is I wanted to expand this and what I wanted to show you is that the first meaningful paint was in 2.4 seconds which was really good so they're very smart at showing you the stuff above-the-fold quickly so that at least you start interacting with the with whatever you clicked on right because usually on Amazon the the content above the fold is the content that you're usually looking for like the product you want and so that's very well optimized and then as you know the Amazon product pages are very long and they show you a lot of stuff so as you're looking at the stuff above the fold they're actually taking a very long time 24 seconds to load all those other things so they're intelligently there's like intelligent trade-offs going on here and you can see that because there's they have a lot of other ads they're showing you like Oh products you your friends might like or because you you know people who bought this product also bought this product then they show you a ton of those and for that reason they have this huge load time for the off screen images off screen just basically means below the fold and they could optimize it but it's not optimized largely I think it's not optimized maybe because it's user-generated content so users are the ones who are updating these but I'm sure they could automatically you know Auto generate some script to optimize the images in in case they also have some unused CSS rules which is a little surprising because it's Amazon you know Amazon they should have their stuff figured out and some of the images are not properly sized so luckily for them there they were smart enough to first load things you know they did you can see that they have specifically designed their page for all this and well their Amazon they don't need my advice and I'm sure they're doing fine for themselves although we see this is a good example of how they really put care into loading the most important things first and then they took their time loading the other thing so that was a smart engineering trade-off now let's look at a site like has just a lot of things going on a lot of images a lot of stories that they just have a tremendous amount of content as you can see on the page this is their home page for today a lot of ads a lot of content and so Google gave their performance an actual zero and it took 18 seconds for them to load the first meaningful paint I mean that was pretty bad and you can see that the images aren't optimized.


They they're not pre loading things a lot of the common problems they have all the common problems so and I think the main issue that they have is that every day or every hour some part of the site gets updated so maybe it's just too much content to keep on optimizing and updating I don't know why they don't have that optimized so well but it's pretty slow for these guys now a couple of small sites this is a client of mine he sells a per a grout cleaning product and I just he's a small retailer he's got an e-commerce website he just sells product and I wanted to see how his site performs and Google gave him a 36 and it took 4.7 seconds for his site to provide meaningful content to the users so that the user can start browsing as far as retailers go you can see that Amazon did a great job because they serve the products in half the time and you can see that he just has and the main problem is the image and if we if it has just this one bottle image if he can compress this image I believe that he can shave off the load time for his what page pretty quickly sorry pretty significantly and that will immediately boost his SEO and I know that he cares about his Google SEO because he and I have been working on that so I'm gonna bring that up with him and there's my friends website site hostile nation by niccolò per you know him he runs a popular site consolation podcast I wanted to see how he usually he's pretty on top of things so and he's pretty on top of SEO so I wanted to see how his website is optimized and this is his home page and you can see five point seven seconds for first meaningful paint with the biggest problem being the images if so even though he's very savvy is just many people today they're just not even the savvy people they're just not optimizing their basic the very very basics like images and if you start doing the basics you'll immediately get ahead of even people who are quite savvy and even companies as you see here who are quite wealthy and have whole teams of developers working on this they just haven't gotten to the stuff because at times it's a little bit daunting it's confusing but as you can see in this course it's actually not that hard once you start understanding what the fundamentals are it's relatively basic and you sometimes start thinking like oh my god what was I afraid of you know it was much simpler than I imagined so now that you see the sample set of very different sites how they perform and of course throughout this course you saw how my site performs and how we improved it I'm sure you know you can this is the advantage that you can have because with very minimal work you can jump over most sites online boost your sales and boost your SEO will which will in turn boost your sales.

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