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Let's begin analysis of your site with these 3 free site speed analysis tools

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to get started right away by doing an exercise to get you on your way to optimizing your website this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. and what I'd like to do what I'd like you to do for this exercise is to choose a page from your website it doesn't matter if it's your home page it doesn't matter if it's your most money-making page or in a doesn't matter if it's your page on which you're putting your most SEO effort into ranking any of those is good whatever works for you and what I'd like you to do is what I'm gonna introduce you to three different tools they're all free and we're going to run your current page that you chose through these tools and what we're gonna do is get the immediate metrics of your pages and that will give us the ideas of what to improve right away and in the next video I'm going to start showing you what the typical bottlenecks are and how to start resolving them so first let's go through the tools the first two is the GT metrics com you see it in the URL here and this is an industry standard tool and what I like about it is it's it's not owned by Google because the other two tools that I'm gonna show you they're owned by Google and obviously Google has a some biases because SEO is from Google there's a lot of products that come from Google and we're gonna all cover all that in this course and how all this place together but GT metrics is first and literally enter your your URL here click the button analyze and it's going to really quickly show you how to do that here for example I have some a page of mine and I'm gonna run it through the analyse it's gonna show you what it's doing here on the right side adding the job to the queue then it's gonna do something else I'm gonna fast forward in a few seconds and I'll show you the results here are the results that it shows we'll get into more details in these as we go through the course but essentially the important things are or the overall score it gives you so you have a good score here how long it takes to fully load the site which is this is a very good loading speed total size of the page this is important we're going to talk about this and requests this is a little bit high on my part probably this is the one problem.

I have on this page and the request is the number of different things that the web browser has to do and obviously every request takes time and some requests have to wait for other requests and it really there's a bottlenecks with that now let me show you the other tools the other common tool that people use is Google's PageSpeed insight so you can google for this or you can go to the URL slash speed slash PageSpeed slash insights and essentially you would enter your URL right here just like you entered your URL in the previous tool so this is basic tool and it's used by your own created by Google and what I'm gonna show you is the results that I have for the very same page of mine and by the way I'm not promoting this page this is just the page that I'm using as an example I spared you the waiting of the analyzing and I just fast forward it to getting the results you see that on mobile it shows that I'm a 78 out of 100 on this page and on desktop it shows that I'm an 80 to 100 on this page not bad not amazing but actually if I was to tell you the truth is that this this page was in the 30s out of 100 or in the 40s out of 100 when I first started optimizing it and I'm still optimizing it and I'll show you all the details of the optimizations as we go through the course it's a work in process in progress in a sense but at the same time this is far better than most sites out there now let me show you the other tool which we're going to use that you can run your site through the third tool is called Google lighthouse and on the Mac I press ctrl command option I and I get this tab open and if you if this doesn't and if this is not a default for you you can go right here and you can go here and you see on top there's different options and what you want is the audits pane I'm already on the audits pane and when you want to do is click the artist perform an audit for me it's gonna take a while you just you you just say yes to all these make sure these are checked and you run the audit it's gonna take a while this audit takes a while I'm going to fast forward what happens but you also want to kind of see you see how on the left side it tests for a mobile device and it's loaded pretty quickly well this page you again you know used to be slow but it loaded pretty quickly and so if you're a mobile visitor boom you're getting content right away and I actually have started seeing really good results after I've improved the loading of these pages like significantly noticeably better results in terms of sales so this is really helpful now here's what's going to happen this is this is the audit result it's going to show you and what I'm gonna show that the important metrics we're gonna go in detail here as we go through the course but I just wanted to show you briefly what to look for the overall performance course 59.

You will notice right away that first of all none of the three tools show identical data they all give you different scores so this is why you want to use all three tools they also measure slightly different things and this tool is quite a bit more advanced than the other free Google tool so that's the difference between these Google tools and it shows you the first meaningful paint took me 4.4 seconds you remembering the first tool we used it said 2.7 seconds in the same a very same page just a minute a few minutes apart as I'm recording this video for you so the data is is shows shows you is different and it makes sense because different requests take a little bit of a long different amount of time maybe I'm having in the last five minutes I had slightly more load to my server who knows but you see it shows it shows me first meaningful paint which is which is the paint that people see when they first come to your site and then then it shows you how long it takes for your page to be fully ready and interactive 7.8 seconds this is by the way we're making a 3G connection at the moment that's how this tool is configured they might change that later and it shows you the timeline of like okay you're you the page is visible at to two users at four point four seconds and then as time goes on its interactive at seven point eight seven point is actually not bad here to be fully interactive but the four point four can use a little work we'll get to all the metrics later and then the interesting thing that it shows you is it shows you all the problem areas you can see here is the off screen images are problematic they're taking three point nine milliseconds to look three point nine seconds to load which is a long time and you can expand that and see what the problematic images are and then you'll be able to address the problem areas so now that you've run your site through these three tools you should have a very well-rounded idea of what the problem areas are for you and how your page is generally promoting so generally performing it doesn't mean your pages may be like perfect or terrible maybe you're somewhere in the middle but at least you're getting a sense of like where you are now you know are you towards the bottom of performers are you towards the top so now you know where you are in the next video I'm going to explain to you the general strategies for immediately getting results and making your pages faster .

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