paid traffic vs. free traffic

Driving paid traffic vs. free traffic

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: I also want to take a second to talk about free traffic versus paid traffic this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy everyone is obsessed with SEO social media a free traffic right and I'm obsessed with it I love it I really love it I make money with it all the time every day I probably my business wouldn't be around if that part of the business wasn't available it's the great equalizer because you're a small brand you need free marketing right you can always afford to pay a buck but there's something magical about paying and here's this huge bullet ISM I really want you to embrace this and kind of put it on your roadmap it doesn't have to be the first thing you try but put it on your roadmap to start experimenting and that's what I want you to do is um when let's say let's say you spend them you said you sell something for five dollars let's say you spend like four dollars advertising you make that five dollar sale and you keep the five dollars okay just made a profit okay now welcome in this example we'll say that your product creation is zero right the product creation cost is zero let's say it's a digital product okay let's say you just hit up you just made it look it example simple I just want to drive this point home about paid advertising okay you paid for you got out of five okay you put this five dollars back into paying right you'll sell a little bit more right and it's in media where you see your social media you kind of have to weigh them to build up those platforms and to wait months and months for traffic to come from SEO but that same day you pay make money anymore make more money pay more and make more money it's a magic cycle and you can pay like advertising on Adwords in Google billions of people advertising on Facebook over a billion people right there's you you can make a billion dollar company just with this you really can and many many companies that are billion-dollar companies did it just like this I mean this was probably one of them he's often one of the main things is they find a place where it's cheap enough to advertise and effective enough to drive sales and when that combination happens it's cheap enough and effective enough then you just press the throttle up on it right and it takes some experimentation so in the first couple of tries you're not gonna get it right you cap you're probably gonna lose a little money but that experimentation eventually will get you to a green pasture where you got a good niche where you found how to advertise there in a way that is cheap enough and drive sales enough that is profitable to advertise so that you're paying but actually you're paying to make money you know that you're paying you're not losing money so in the beginning you losing money but what you want to get to is kind of get to that green pasture where when you pay you get more you put in put some money in you get more money out almost like ATM or something like that right and usually there's not once you found something like that there's not usually you can really press the gas on it another thing that you can do and a lot of really smart companies do this and actually this is often how they become very big and I'll give an example did you guys know about this game candy crush bread so did you do you know that how they advertise their free game they're a free game at the advertise and this is a great example by the way they advertise on many many many other games right so they don't actually make money even they don't even make money from their ads immediately they don't do it immediately but the reason they advertise everywhere is that people will download their game are very high rate right because they are naturally influenced the download rate and that gets them to rank in the App Store's above most of their competitors and they're on all kinds of number-one game list they're a ridiculous game but you know everyone's trying it because they're right on top of the very game lists all the time I didn't get there by having incredible search signals right they give up these incredible search engine signals and the main signal is the download rate okay so a lot of people get their game and so they propagate themselves with the ads they propagate themselves up in the search rankings of app stores and they get a ton of downloads then what happens so they don't do this for a profit they do this at a loss but then there are a type of search and category rankings for all app stores and they get just a flood of organic downloads so this so they're actually so in some platforms like mobile app stores like Amazon paying for the ads even if you do need at a loss it's like you think about it as investing in your SEO because once you are the number one thing there because the rate of download or purchase is going to propel you up in the rankings once you remember the number one you know best-selling book or a best-selling game you just get a flood of the of buying happening and it makes the money back from all the ads you've ever spent even if you you can even if the ads pay like 50 cents on the dollar that you're spent even if they lose you money but if they get you to rank well you make my money back and you'll suffocate your competitors as well because then I'm gonna be number one you will be right so this is really the super-comfy of advertising where it can make you money by itself or it can be it can actually be your SEO for on many platforms like Amazon and things like that so something really really fascinated to think about.

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