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How to write the product description for SEO & getting people to buy Part 02

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Each particular strategy I don't know this is powerful you know I felt like this was more powerful when I wrote it and I don't know this is very powerful but it's certainly the one thing that it does do is that this is what the person wants this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy they want to raise money and I think what this does is also sometimes people have doubts they have like well we will this work for me well here I have 10 very different ways some might work for you some might not but chances are higher that they will work for you because there are 10 different ones not just one ok so then here I'm trying to kind of appeal to kind of trying to show that I understand where that person might be right so I'm on the same page with that person if you are in the process of raising money for your business or wondering how and where to start with your fundraising efforts and a lot of people are exactly they would say yes I am in the process of raising money for my business and they have been wondering how to raise money this course will shed light on what's possible right so this the course will help you right they just said yes that's me this course will help you ok you will learn many actionable and very practical ways to raise money here I'm kind of suggesting with the world practical is that it's possible now you want to keep your language very simple it might feel like you're writing smarter copy if you write big words but the truth is that when people you want it's proven time and time again for many reasons that writing shorter direct sentences and shorter phrasing and words you write phrasing will actually improve conversion it will get the person to be on the same page with you know okay who this course is for right I want to make sure that the person I know who the courses for I wrote this copy precisely for certain types of people but I want to make sure that this person understands that this course is for the people who have a business idea and need funding to get started well of course because every time you get a business idea the next question is how do I do this and then you realize how to do this and you realize need money so then you're like oh I need to raise money and that's where this course comes in right so these guys are ideal as all entrepreneurs need to ask you need to raise money at some point or people with active businesses who are struggling I guess when you're in the middle of it, you don't have enough money I mean money is a challenge okay so perfect and then I say okay you know don't worry I take some of the risk out it's that you get more just you get more than just the course in addition to the lectures you get my help and advice students are able to start public discussions and I answered I answered 99% of the questions within 24 hours I really do I love helping students things like that, okay then I say more more objections in their mind that I'm battling right not sure the charities will work for you and then I say if I was in your shoes this builds trust right I would wonder the same thing and it's true to be honest with you not all the challenge is presented in the course will work for you look I'm being honest maybe this not gonna work for you that's why this course gives you a very wide range of strategies right that's the whole point of the course right because if I give you one specific strategy like kids crowdfunding well crowdfunding doesn't work for most people that's why you get many other strategies in this course right okay so you get it, friend, well not all the fundraising strategies presented in this question work for you some of the strategies will okay so here I'm building trust like I'm honest I'm not saying like this is gonna make you, I'm not over-promising I'm being real with them, okay you may end up raising more or less blah blah blah you know I'm gonna skip ahead a little bit why and then I understand how you feel right because I'm trying to really get on the same page then I go into the course structure with the course covers then I say you know I'm gonna who should take this course this is a little bit redundant a little bit of the story for this course I tried to do a little bit of storytelling sometimes storytelling tell help but sometimes it doesn't I don't know if in my case it really did anything great for me here but anyway I tried to do telling thing and then he went offer a money-back guarantee because Allah go don't take you up on it but it certainly helps to ease their mind when they make the protection decision because it really does take the risk out of it because of the 30-day money-back guarantee it's not something even that I offer it's something that's offered on all udemy courses and you demeans it being respected company meaning that you will it's a true thing they will get their money back no questions asked, in fact, yeah, in fact, I myself got money back on the course that I bought on udemy as a student and that same day I got my money back so they really are pretty good about it it's very good about it so here you know I just lowered people's risk and this helps to increase conversion and then you want to give if you can I mean we're done with writing copy but another great thing that udemy does is free preview look and so much so many previews so you can see what you're pretty much getting so when you buy the course there are no surprises right so a lot of previews so you can see where the most of the courses the rest of it is like and that's how you kind of do this so great headline here I think I hear if not a homerun then I hit like maybe a double or a triple with this headline and then the copy certainly still needs work I went through it I saw a lot of things that can be improved still but nevertheless the copy is working because people are buying you this thing and that's kind of how you will that's the example of you know and also build the metaphors here is something I didn't do is build metaphors like picture people with your course picture people make it go picture the benefit they get from your course the before like all their life sucks because they're a poor entrepreneur and like they're they don't have money and they're having so much stress because of every dollar counts and they really need more resources right they're struggling and they're stressed and they're it's miserable it's a miserable experience but if they figure out how to raise the money they might get the money they might be high they might be able to hire the staff they might be able to grow their business and it's gonna be an entirely new experience from you know you would take them from a struggle to pure growth because you would take out all the barriers that money the lack of money has right so in this one this course can really provide so maybe I could actually rewrite this to become even better but this is certainly how you would write this is a good example of how you would write a sales copy like this so given.

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