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How to sell on Quora

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Guys I want to show you a really cool side mat I mean among social media sites this isn't the most popular site it's kind of like it's Korra it's um this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy chorus is kind of a play on the word question and basically it's a question and answer site if you familiar way back one with Yahoo Answers this is sort of this is the new Yahoo Answers this is the better this is sort of the industry standard and the trusted Yahoo Answers now how do we sell from this okay so back to my you know most of my examples are gonna be about business because my my current business is kind of to help intrapreneurs so the questions that I answer here are about business like for example how do I get a business all right so let's see what comes up so something comes out here and we can answer this question possibly okay a person 21 years old who wants to start a business of a blob so let's say I was in the business of selling loans which I'm not actually but I could be and there's an ax in this particular case I mean it's random case but there's a really simple answer this person is not going to get a business loan from a bank because banks do not loan to people who have not started their business bank's loan to people who have an active business and have some stable revenue and things like that they have some they have a lot of private so I would point this person to some other loan product that maybe I own right I would write a good answer like I would write a very long answer like write a very good answer and then link to resources one of the resources would be my product so so you it would be a legitimate answer right and by the way this site has millions of track visitors millions right so and it's growing so a lot of people would see your answer okay now when you post your answer you see the answers are organized by upload in this case everybody has just one you know this person has one vote this person has zero votes right so you can bet the goal is to have you answer to beat the top answer the way to do this is actually by getting people to upload you you can either do this but financially providing good answer or you can do this by maybe having a couple of like you know fake accounts like one you can access from your phone so that it's a different IP address and you know maybe one you can use from a different browser you kind of up or yourself and then you know you start seeing traffic because actually it's very targeted right it's people who people who will be discovering this question later on are people who want to know about the same issue how do I get alone right and you'll have the top answer here and it happens I will point people to whatever resource you have for converting them to your product and this can be like people were starting a business you know I can say hey here's my book la blah blah you know I researched it but you can't be blatantly promotional but you can write a good answer which by the way builds trust and then at the end of the answer you can link to something kind of discreetly but at the same time you can still do it and you know this side has it's a very highly trafficked site and they allow you to link to things as long as people don't complain but if you blatantly you know answer give a poor answer and then link to your product pages people will kind of complain because that's borderline spam but if you give a really good answer and part of your good answer is links to some resources then that's good people like that and people you know and then you can sell your own [Music] product so that's a way that sometimes I sell products from Chora by the way it's also a way to build your personal brand because people can end up following you well we you can see I only have nine followers here which is not very good actually I thought I had more followers but believe it or not when I answer your questions here because I've been answering questions here for you know on enough for some time I have I have built up a little bit of authority and what happens is when I'm tied on upwards with other answers my answer is almost always appear above theirs so there is some Authority you can build up and then when you're tied with out with other people you actually bring higher than them your answers will appear higher and get more visibility and by the way if one little bit of a hack if you're in some industry there is no and there's no questions about that industry why don't you make a second account and ask those questions and then with your other account you answer those questions and then you point people right to your site because number one you will get people who are already browsing for you know to maybe see your answers and number two Quorra pages often rank in google search because kora is such a reputable website and so you will get the best of both worlds right you'll get kora traffic and then you'll get people people from search where your website might not as easily rank for the keywords that you want but kora pages tend to rank better than most pages so this is another way to do actually SEO by not doing the you co directly from your site but ultimately will be your pages within kora pointing to your sales pages so this is almost better so that's how you use kora to you know get traffic get sales and build your personal brand.

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