How to sell on Facebook with paid advertising

How to sell on Facebook with paid advertising Part 01

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: let's talk about how to promote things you know paid ads on Facebook okay this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so here's how you do this is my personal profile I go to create an ad and what you want to do they give you so many options right don't be fooled many of these options are either poor substitutes for other things there are other ways to do other ways to promote things better like for example get video views I mean the best way to get video views is to promote your video with with with YouTube paid ads duh right I mean it's extremely cheap and you know it's YouTube it's the native platform I also boost your boat post that's kind of engagement right or promote your page that's also an engagement thing but usually when people promote things on Facebook what they want to do is to drive people to their website or their sales page and of course, we want to sell like I want to sell right you know getting people to like your page it it's not something that people pay for these days very much because you know Facebook really limits what you can do with your personal like the business page so there's not a whole lot of it's not a great business decision to dump money into it for free yeah we can mess around and there are some isolated instances but really we want to send people to our website like this is really for this increase conversion of your website but let's say we're doing this okay so I can enter my website but you can see here they already have it saved these are my books right so I want to promote this book and here's the book this is my book it's about like starting a business it's it's very well researched it's a based on 300,000 intrapreneurs of a glide have very nice oops sorry it has very nice reviews this is a good book usually it's yeah whatever you guys get that yeah I want to sell more of these more copies of this book so it already knows me here cuz I already played around with ads here so let's see let's walk through how this works so for my book right so I will tell you a little bit about the books for that when we get into the targeting you understand really well what we're going after and you will be able to replicate the same for whatever the product you are telling so we're gonna so my book is a business book it's on how to start a business it's made for entrepreneurs and it walks people through essentially from business ideas to the business to start the business right okay so the ink the book is written in English so we want to target English-speaking countries okay and we I like to target English-speaking countries where most people have you know online they're able to buy online right and they speak English well so the English is not a problem and they have mobile banking so I want also the UK I want also Australia and these are also very wealthy countries compared to most other countries and then one Canada okay so pretty much people in these countries there are good candidates buy my book I don't want any other country other European countries they have you know English as their second language and you know maybe maybe maybe Ireland you know it could be but I think we're good here generally these four uh sorry I got you to know actually I chose Australians in Australia did you see me I'll trail yeah that's what I want so generally, for all my digital products, the best performing countries are Australia Ireland the United Kingdom the United States and actually the next best performing the country it tends to be in terms of money spent that tends to be South Africa actually and then India and then maybe Indonesia although India and Indonesia there I don't sell many books there I don't know exactly why I think Amazon makes it hard or maybe that's not even possible I'm not completely certain but for other digital products they do better for books they don't do well at all okay so let's get past this right so we are okay so here we go we got the countries now age what do we know about readership all the people read more books younger people use apps or videos things like that so let's choose an older demographic I'm gonna go from I don't know let's say 42 and 65 is a bit too old and by the way, so we're dealing with demographics I just want to say I don't you know I I have you know this is just business like I don't want to discriminate really against anyone but let's say 55 right and I want to note here that you know it might seem like we're leaving a lot of people out but that's actually good because we want to get precisely at the people who will be into what we are selling okay so the more specific we are the better because of the more we get closer to people who might buy the better okay now I could save all here men and women but I know more Mena's are starting are interested in starting a business although I do know that women and I see this from just you know to interact with my customer's women are always into educational materials and getting more prepared before they dive into things so I'm tempted to say men because more men generally are interested in business but also women are therein kind of life, they would be likely to buy educational materials but generally, I'm still gonna say men okay if you want to stay specific language only English probably both are okay okay okay let's see more demographics education financial you know what we want to do is so this is not something we want right people who are in this demographic they probably already know a lot of our business or they don't need to start one if they are able to make with money elsewhere people in this demographic are this is too broad this can be somebody making ten thousand dollars a year which is poverty versus ninety thousand dollars a year which is essentially well-off so it's too broad we're not gonna go here okay so close this I like the education I'm not sure actuall

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