How to sell on Facebook part 2

How to sell on Facebook with paid advertising Part 02

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Politics life events home this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy financial work you know work can be an interesting one for this thing because I mean we would have a thing far deeper about this right so let's there's behaviors now they're digital tivities right and what we want is people who spend online online spenders boom active boom it might it might be more expensive to target them but certainly this is exactly what we want right now let's see purchase behavior this is exactly we're getting really good right store types you know high-end retail is it is not what I'm selling here but if I know they buy high-end then I know that they're able to spend right they're not gonna be concerned about like spending couple bucks so I actually like to choose this sometimes and this is a you know this I'm not targeting my people who are interested in my things but I'm targeting a certain affluence level right let's see and there's other things here like business purchases right so if I keep browsing this I can choose a few other categories but I just I don't want to make this video too long so I'm just gonna move forward let's see connections you want new people that's fine budget what I'd like to do is I don't like to do cheap budgets I like to you know if I have a hundred dollar budget let's say I could do this like I tagged dollars you know for twenty days or I could do this for you know in one day for hundred dollars and what I like to do is after I've experimented and after I know exactly the kind of AD that will perform I like to run it in one day because it will give me better statistical significance to see whether the ad is performing well because sometimes it's impossible to directly track the sale and I can see if I had spent $100 I can see there's a spike in sales versus even versus if the budget is spent over 20 days or many days sometimes it's actually hard to recognize a spike in sales and so it's actually harder to track because you know a lot of times we can't really tracks you know for example Amazon sales I can't track it from the Facebook Ads so schedule you know whatever I just like to say that immediately optimize for web clicks and then they give you write this and then Advanced Options oh yeah so then you can manually set this is pretty expensive at almost 80 cents a click I you know you can you can go lower and it's just a bit so maybe we tried 45 cents and then you know you set your image which you want to do is set like kind of you know there is some schools of thought on the image whether you want to have text on it or not but sometimes what you want to do and different people have different opinion here but sometimes what I like to do is give it like an ugly image because and that might seem like it's counterintuitive but the reason I would do that is because the people who would click I don't want like people who just click on pretty pictures I want people who read you know the copy of the text and you can write a headline here like start a business of course if you're actually really doing this your headline should be something far better well you know you know for the sake of not making this video too long right so you can see how the ad will appear and this is actually from my problemi oh so so I kind of like to make the text very specific and interesting but the picture I don't want it to be - exciting because the picture is to Google people will just randomly click o to see what the picture is all about but you don't want you don't want that because you're paying for those books so you want people to click only if they are really interested yeah that's the trick here ok and then you place the order once you place the order what happens is there's gonna be an approval process of about 15 minutes on Facebook and the aunt will start running and that's it that's pretty much how you would you know target customers with paid ads it's not cheap as you can see like you have to spend a little money and experiment but certainly these kinds of targeting options with the hobbies with online spending and you can even like we didn't get into the interests right we actually skipped it but I mean people the there is no better way to target hobbies and interests then on Facebook and if you can find the cob is an interest and if you can eventually play around and find the demographics that buy your product you know then all you have to do is then you know make sure that they're spending more than you know then you are paying for the ads and then basically the ads pay for themselves because they generate your revenue and since they do that you can connect that you can put more money into the ads the next day you can put more money into the ads and really escalate your business and drive it that way so potentially I know this is kind of a pain because you have to pay for it but potentially this is something you mean can this can really grow your business because you don't have to wait but ads start appearing right away and if they convert they get people to take a some action to buy something then you know you're definitely in business and you can you know press the gas on this and you know many multi-billion dollar companies grow from advertising and you know this is where you maybe can get your start as well. 

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