How to sell on discount and coupon sites

How to use sales and promotions to sell on discount and coupon sites

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to show you exactly how to use sales and promotions online to sell almost anything okay this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and again so if you sell online very likely your product is a digital product and if your product is not a digital product if your product is a you know hey your product you can you know physically touch and hold make sure that when you price it online you price it especially for the duty for the duration of your promotion you name the price as some kind of a premium price so that when you give a discount it's not something that if you sell it you lose money right it will still make money just to just price it a little bit above what you usually price it so that you have room to discount now when you give a discount what happens amazingly is all you can start posting your product on all these discount websites and there is no shortage of them online so right away and and these websites are specifically for people who are looking to get deals on anything it's like bargain hunters right but guess what it's all a mental trick it's not a bargain hunting thing you're selling for a profit right so you're getting likes you mean you're gonna make sales you're getting something like what you want in the people who are gonna be finding your product are can are thinking that they're getting a deal and by the way you should give them a good deal okay it should be a good deal now I'll show you how I do this with udemy courses and books but you can do this with anything else okay so and I'll give I'm gonna give an example of one website where I do this but you can do this um after this video I'll have a link to about ten similar websites all of them have reasonably high traffic you know some have more traffic than others some have some hoops to jump through than another's don't but they all work in approximately the same manner approximately the same principle and with if you use all of these websites and you do a promotion and you do all these websites I mean like I've made hundreds of dollars a day with very little work like about an hour of work because all I had to do is post my promote you know set the promotion post my promotion and all these websites like sometime around the morning and then watch the sales come in so this is you can do this every day unfortunately but you can you know run promotions every once in a while and do well ok so let me show you how I do this so this particular website has a scary name but it's kind of a cool website best blackhat forum and it has a lot of discount areas so I like so I'm gonna show you the example I use with you me so I'm gonna search you to me and this has a whole udemy section and this has a freebies sections as another thing I'll show you how to do this with them Amazon books as well but ok so what happens here is you when things are noted as yet and this is only you know for this particular form get is freebies ok so mostly it's free be a lot of freebies here but let me show you what I did this is my account and I don't do freebies I do plenty where am i post called my threads ok so these are all the things that I posted and so for example I give a good discount so here's the most recent thing I did this is a course of mine on udemy how to raise a hundred thousand dollars in ten ways okay nineteen dollars but I made it three dollars it's like eighty five percent discount is essentially I posted it I posted the link and then what I do I haven't done a good heat with this but here's the trick really with forums okay you want to start talking okay you want to start talking and you can create a fake account and start talking to your hey account or you can just comment like discount good for three more days things like that so you can just keep on posting comments and you can get ask people questions you can say email me privately if you want the course for three or let me know in comments so you know you understand right - there's ways to get people to respond and what happens when you put people respond is you see how these things are ordered it's ordered by most recent comment and whenever anyone comments it puts your offer right to the top right to the top right and when you're all which you offer should have with a great great title like for example total fretboard mastery now if I was a guitar person which I'm assuming this is what it is I'd be like really into this right this is in Spanish so this is an english-speaking side this is not a good title guest blogging blueprint I don't know it's okay right so you see it right so a great title and then make sure that your offer stays in the top right and these guys all get it right so they don't repost the offer instead what they do is they just comment right you see and all of these guys get they more and more comments there's really nothing really to comment extra but they comment you see that and it puts their offer right to the top and they sell more every time somebody comments you guys get it so this is a great great thing to do so anytime you can make something free or random for some kind of discount a promotion I'll show you how to do this with books as well let's go let's go on the very same forum right enough like I mentioned I'll have the links to a whole bunch of forums like this one whole bunch of sites and this is this is big like you can see a lot of people browse this right so if I go back to the udemy just for a second you can see that like this is Saturday night that I'm recording this so I have no life so now we know that 30 users browsing this right but that's not really telling because look you can get up to it you know this person become an SEO freelancer blah blah you can get I mean this person really milked it right 33 times they commented and this person had 3,300 people see this and probably the discount link expired let's see what the course is actually this gonna take me to the let's see let's see what the course is because this person did this kind of a situation more than others yeah and this person sells a lot of courses because I know this person I know this udemy instructor since a lot of the udemy instructors know each other and yeah she sells a lot of courses so she's a smart cookie anyway so you see that you can get up to you know you can get thousands of people to see it and in my experience for every 100 people I'll show you I'll actually show you how affected this was for me so let's go to some of my thread if I remember like when I posted this for example so you see I posted this course there was a like I give a good discount and only two people bought it yeah but this is out of 17 to only 17 people soil now for this one a to die you know I charge something for two dollars right and I got maybe five or six purchases out of this number that soil then I had one good one then I had this one right this is this is one of my most popular courses and you see I did what that woman did I kind of commented a lot then I kept it on top of the rankings and things like that and then over a thousand people saw it and I saw the bunch of these I mean I saw a bunch of these copies of this course like over $100 so definitely you can drive sales now so you understand approximately how many copies and you do have to give a steep one thing you do in this particular site with this particular would you to me you have to give really just steep discounts like 90 percent 85 percent off because it's gonna be you're gonna make money with volume because most the competing offers are free so you really have to you know you can't make things very expensive people are looking for really good deals now let me show you so I did a book promotion where is that book corruption right so I did a book remotion and Booker books you can see that it showed the number of views and the book the book nanana vodka it was a free book promotion and then got like a hundred views so not so great and then I had other another book it got a like over 100 another book they got a couple hundred views I can't find it here in this list and try to go fast but you see books aren't as popular as udemy courses books are just not popular these days you have to really find your audiences for books but but you can see you can promote many different products here but the pattern is the same give a good discount for whatever your product is you know for physical products the discount obviously can be as steep for digital products it can be steep give a good discount and then post that discount and all those sites and I'll have the links to all the sites where you can post discounts like this in in the next lecture I'll have a text it's gonna be a text lecture and I'm just gonna have a list of all the places where I post so you'll be armed with that strategy in that it really works it really works I use it all the time so I mean it's one of my favorite things to do.

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