How to sell from Facebook for free

Selling from Facebook for free

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: One of the things most entrepreneurs mentioned first as you know when they're asked are you gonna sell your product are you gonna promote your product they say Facebook this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy some reason it's almost an automatic and guess what Facebook doesn't want Facebook to become a spam factory right they don't want everybody marketing everything especially for free so they actually they really limit people's free marketing to the point of sometimes if you promote something they only show that to 1% of your existing people you know audience who like your page or something like that sometimes as little as 1% if they detect that it's a promotional message okay so you can't really it's really almost impossible to sell organically on Facebook there's a couple of shadows around this number one if you sell to you know if you promote something within not from a business page or a fan page but maybe within your actual Facebook friends as long as you don't make it overly promotional as long as you kind of include people in which you're doing so that they don't feel like they're part of something rather than being sold to and by the way most people or some a lot of people they don't want to do this pain because they really don't want to include their friends but so this is mostly for people who are ok with it you can sort of promote things kind of softly to your immediate friends you don't want to do that the way you do this with your Facebook group let's say is you want to make posts the posts that will get engagement our posts that do well everywhere because Facebook's order to keep tracks she keeps track of what kind of pages around the web gets shared a lot and so let's say you find some like incredible photos or incredible finding videos and post that on your like group on your Facebook page that's actually going to get a lot of views and that's gonna get a lot of exposure and then your page itself should say your website URL your bio can be you're about area can be clickable so if people can go to your site and things like that or maybe they will look at other posts and the other posts do have your link to your site or something like that they are promotional maybe so those posts maybe didn't get the exposure because Facebook limited but the posts that got exposure people find you through that and then they secondarily find the post that originally didn't show up so you see the strategy here is very convoluted Facebook really makes it very hard if you want to pay Facebook to advertise they make it easy okay but if he wants to get free marketing I would almost say Facebook is not the place for it if you know you wanna because they're really limiting it there are some ways around it like you see but you have to jump through so many hoops just to get you know it's like I think there are such so many more and greener pastures that I'd almost not focus on it too much but if you want to this is really how you good you figure out how to get engagement for your group and kind of have some you know tax like I explained to drive people to your site or you can kind of involve your actual actual friends which is something many people don't wanna don't even want to do that like for example i I never promoting it into my actual friends because you know I don't want to like kind of irritate them I don't I wouldn't like to get that from my friends you know for free advertising they're really are far greener pastures on the web and Facebook is like consistently making it harder and harder and harder to promote things for free so if I'm sounding negative now about it it's probably gonna get harder soon so I almost focus on I really this is my personal recommendation is to either for Facebook see about their paid platform or see about you know just explore other options because for free it's stuff.

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