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How to sell a food item

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: How to sell your food online offline okay so you can approach source this video is brought to you by Abbie pies Academy there are different kinds of stores there are like the small stores which you know it depends really on the who did you have if you have a like a dessert item you can approach local bakeries if you have like a you know some kind of a sauce that you make or some specialty thing you can go to like a specialty stores which may sell your food but of course most people but those are small stores right they're kind of small stores what you want to do is consider whether a big supermarket might theory your food right so let's say that you make you discover the new brand of sugar whatever right and you know the dude supermarket your local supermarket has this whole section of our trigger right there's like a little aisle like a little spotlight different triggers and you want to place yours there how do you do it right so you have to apply to the store go to their program if your food is good they'll probably consider you for maybe the one local store or a couple of local stores in the region and if your food is really good and if it sells you can start to sort of build your relationship and grow out of it now here's the trick there will be a retail price at which they sell your food your sugar and there will be a price at which they buy your food right from you so whatever they sell it for it doesn't matter what you care about is what they what they pay you per box or whatever what per container now you're gonna have to make the food package it and distribute it all in the price or a cost that is significantly less than what it costs you to fight for what you sell to them because you know you don't want to make like a penny a jar or something right you want to really make some good amount for an item okay or unless they sound like a pizza like a national long term deal than a five you can have a very low margin I mean you're still probably going to be okay but the challenge is that the store actually put usually supermarkets they're smart right because they know that there's so many people who want to sell food in their stores because they know that they can sell so much and so what they do is they kind of give you a terrible price if you're not a known company they give you a really terrible price and there's almost no way that you can package your food in a great beautiful container deliver high quality product and you know how to cover your other costs I'm that price it's almost no weight because often the packaging is very expensive and you don't think about packaging but to be in a store they usually require you to have certain requirements like because because the store lights are very bright your packaging must not fade over time let's say it sits there for like a month or something it must not fade so there's certain like requirements very strict requirements for the box the jar whatever your food comes in and the packaging and the labeling the label must not fail ever right you never you've never seen a label a faded label in a store right but they're up they're constantly under light so um there's a reason for that and it's because there's a special like labeling all that so you really have to be careful because your packaging will often be much more expensive than the actual food right so be careful and and also the store will require you to do a lot of promotions like you might have like to do some giveaways and some people trying your food who are like in your stores sometimes have that sometimes and they want you to pay for all that you also have to pay for you know whatever contract you may have to pay for some things so they put a lot of burden on the person now what happens also is you probably end up losing mine and it happens to many people just to meet all the requirements you end up losing mind it might be okay because you know you kind of want to get exposure for your food and people like it you can rework your deal six months later or something with the storm but generally now here's the thing you can sell the food online right you can't sell all foods I mean like if you sell something that's very perishable you can't but if you sell something that's not perishable oh my god there's so many options online and online you can do whatever packaging you like you can you can use that you don't have to use the packaging as required by the store so you packaging will be incredibly cheaper that also means that you can sell your product cheaper right and that means you people will buy more it is cheaper what do you the price you can figure out on your own and you have many places from which you can sell your site you can sell your food from other big sites but also you can sell it from your own website so you can get traffic to your website or to your listing on Amazon or to your listing any other stores you can just sell the foods and then you'll have the borders come in every morning you'll ship the orders and just make the food and that will be your business right so and that selling online will have a much higher profit margin for you and the supermarket's will sell probably those have a bigger volume but at a very little profit for you or almost no profit for a long time now if you're able to to kind of take that and sort of stay and stay with that you may build up your brand and people who stop start asking for your product so you know the store will sort of like be more open to re going to renegotiate it we the price with you but usually if you are not a known brand they're usually brutal with your product so make sure that you understand that and you have a strategy around it and you may want to invest in your online marketing now you can also sell your food in you know like flea markets or again if it's packaged and stuff you can sell it you're on your own at flea market just by setting up a cart or on a busy street things like that so there's many ways you can sell your food you don't have to go through the stores but the stores again very high volume of sales right so that's pretty much how I would go about doing this kind of business of course you need various permits you know to sell the food you need some there's something other things you need to take care of I mean I'm not a lawyer so I'll let you figure that out on your own but that's how you sort of sell the food.

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