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Make it easy to buy

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Okay so when you build-up your consumer's interest or your prospects before they buy their prospect this video is brought to you by Abbie pies Academy so when you built up your prospects interest one thing you really want to do and if you sell on Amazon or eBay or everywhere you know on any large established platform those guys already did the hard work for you and they figured out how to make it easy for the person to buy but if you sell through your own website okay this is sometimes a big pitfall that you've done all the job or the work of like getting the person to your side and getting them interested and then it's actually hard to buy from you they have to enter the credit card that they don't trust you because you're a small site or there are multiple steps that they have to take and every step you have to take I mean that gives them a chance to change their mind and you gotta strike while the iron's hot because consumer behaviour they're very fickle you know they want something one day then some alert goes off and then they change their mind and that's it you watch them forever I mean it's really back that and you never know that as the because you they don't tell you that you never know that but did that happen like that there are little things influenced by decisions and so which you really want to do if you sell from your site when it's time for them to click buy make sure that it's extremely easy you accept Paypal you accept credit card you give them all the options that they might be comfortable with just make it easy go and make it hard because it's sometimes and it's easier said than done sometimes because sometimes it's like you got this third-party Wordpress plugin you got a plug-in or you know I work with third-party software don't happen that happens but really make it easy to buy okay because you're going to lose the sale because they have to take community steps and if you find yourself kind of saying this because like who would want to make it hard to buy but when it comes to actually practical ways and how this plays out its actually sometimes kind of harder than might seem so really focus on ease of mind and the great thing is if you sell them any other large platform that site has already gone through the process of you know optimizing the buying right as you know like Amazon they have a big button buy Add to Cart and then buy you know checkout so anyway just a word of caution here.

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