How to increase engagement using images

How to increase engagement using images when you try to sell on Facebook

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to show you a really quick and simple way to immediately increase any kind of engagement to get when you post on Facebook and that involves simply adding a photo to your to your post so this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy there are three kinds of things you can do there are you can make an update without an image that gets the least exposure and then I'll show you see this put in post by Kishan Giannini you know it has a little tiny image that comes from the URL he posted a link and that link had an image and this is where the limit little blurb comes from and this increases engagement but let me show you how to increase engagement even more because if I scroll down just a little bit there's another there's a udemy instructor his name is Dana Smith and he actually look at the image he posted right it's a really nice bright clear and a huge huge image right so this image isn't really just from the page where he links to this image is something he uploaded okay and I'll show you how to find images very easily for free and basically you see it just takes up so much real estate on the page it's bound to get you more engagement so these kind of custom images bright clear very nice right it just gets it takes more space and hence it gives you more exposure and basically you don't have to look for them very far you can go to images that google calm they have a ton of images and if you want to search for anything like I don't know something fun right I don't know something random you get all these images I mean of course you should search an image that's relevant for whatever your post is about I'm here just doing fun as an example but you can see you can pick out like this one will be like you know really nice one this fun one will be a nice one and it's clear you know it's it's not cluttered like you know and it will take a lot of page you know maybe this fun also it's bright right you want to probably stick stick you know don't go for images that are cluttered that I hard to understand like like this one for example that maybe not ideal and of course if you want what you can do is you can run it through an image image editing program and you can make the image bigger just increase the dimensions right and so that those three strategies post the big in post you know an image in your post find the endless amounts of images for free and you can of course use better places to find images this was just an example and you can increase the image size in an image editing website like GIMP which is free or like Photoshop which is not free and then you can have big bright images like that that immediately increase engagement you get with your posts which is especially good if you're selling on Facebook right if there's something you're selling of course you want more and more people to see it to stop and look at it and but even if you're not selling you always want more engagement right that's why you're posting more people to see it so that's really one really quick tip before doing it and even another tip is sometimes I have a I have a few pre saved images that I use for main for common things like if I have a sale I have like an image that I use for sale so once you get an image you don't have to get it every time you can just reuse your old one if it was effective so maybe announcement I have an announcement image sale I have a sale image right so a few major things that are gonna commonly come up it's something you can regularly post and just increase your facebook engagement right away.

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