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Reviews matter: ways to get good reviews

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: When you sell online there's a concept of social proof part of the social proof is online reviews this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy because people don't they come across your product they don't know anything about you most of the time they don't know anything about your product so there's kind of this pseudo research that they do and part of the pseudo researches they look at your reviews now you can have a thousand fake reviews or right they won't know it but then we'll have a whole lot of great information to go on so this is kind of the best information to really go on for people and well in most times we merge they do look at reviews now here's how you should get good reviews okay first of all have a good I mean this feels funny I mean almost move but you should have a good product because of no matter what techniques you might try later on if you don't have a good product you'll get tagged with bad reviews and guess what any bad review the person who added that bad review they'll leave they'll forget about it but that bad review will continue to damage your product and dig and work to decrease your sales for the lifetime of your product maybe it's 10 years from now you will still be working against your thing so you really have to make your customers happy because customers aren't happy online know if you're selling on a platform where reviews matter like if you're selling from your own website if a person doesn't like it that's just the most damaging thing they can do is like to just go away but if you're on Amazon for example and the a person doesn't like it they'll leave a bad review and I really will damage you so if you're selling on a platform where reviews matter where there are reviews you better make sure your product is good okay okay once your once you make sure your product is good you're not gonna be getting the bad reviews how you gonna get good reviews well you certainly want to give copies if possible give copies of your product to family friends business contacts and say hey try my product if you like it I'd appreciate a nice review, okay some people won't know they'll be like I don't have time why are you can you do this but some people forget it they'll help you okay and like this, you can get 10 20 30 50 reviews depending on your net the size of your network and I mean right away it's kind of like you know in a sense it's it looks like fake reviews I mean they aren't like new customers but you know in a sense they aren't tech reviews because you really gave it to people you really gave your product to people they looked at it they sampled it and they wrote a review so yeah they're helping him out but those are real reviews so and why don't people do that and you kind of gonna have to do this because you will see that reviews um good reviews influence sales to go up bad reviews influence sales to go down reviews really matter and so certainly you want to get good reviews and whenever possible if you have if you have it all so it depends on the platform on which your product is on some platforms they specifically say in their Terms of Service that you should not ask for good reviews that's the case for the thing with Amazon Amazon specifically says don't ask for good reviews so the way around it is like don't ask for good reviews say if you'd like if you like it please dad please add a review okay you there's nothing in that that says add a good review so it's kind of the way around their terms of service um but also you know just make sure that you're kind of within the Terms of Service of whatever the platform you're selling on because you certainly don't want to get banned or you know fancy to be considered like using black hat tactics or anything like that you don't have a risk of these things and so without specifically asking for nice reviews if you have any customer who you know for sure is like really happy with your product right then that's the way you say hey Oh you see that they're happy right would you mind adding a review to your about your experience on our Amazon page or on our Yelp page what do you know whatever I think y'all also doesn't like you to ask about for reviews but everybody asks for reviews so you see how that works right you have a happy customer ask for a review in a way that isn't fishy right is with them in terms of service of whatever the platform you're selling up today and that's a way to get reviews when you launch you get your network to give you reviews and on an ongoing basis you have your happy customers to give you reviews.

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